Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Wishing you all a happy and safe New Year's Eve and a wonderful start to 2010!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ryker's Lame Christmas Present

Ryker received his Christmas present yesterday. And, boy was it lame.

You ask what it is?

It was a biannual trip to the veterinarian! Woohooo!

He was due for some vaccinations, but I also needed to go to get his tooth checked out. As some of you may have seen on facebook, Ryker decided he wanted to eat through the fence again while Joe and I were gone at a Christmas presentation. In his escape attempt, he chipped off a large chunck of his upper right canine. I was NOT a happy momma...many tears...many, many tears.

So, the doc checked him out. Said his tooth looked like it was ok so far, just something we have to watch and see to make sure it doesn't get infected or he does more damage to it since it there isn't much there to take much more. =( Poor pupster.

We also chatted about the reason behind his crazy behavior, and after chatting a bit and going over Ryker's history (including the weird seizure thing he had sever months ago), we decided that we would try a medicine to help with his separation anxiety. A few dogs in the study suffered seizures, so this was a concern. But we both agreed that what he goes through daily is not that much better.

So, after a costly little visit including the vaccines, heartworm, and new medicine we left and I rewarded my little dog with a nice visit to the park.

I would like to ask you all to pray for little Ryker as we start this new medicine and hope for good results and good health!

Oh, and don't worry...we have some treats for Ryker's stocking! =)

Friday, December 18, 2009

O'Christmas Party - Oh, What a Great Time!

Last night, we celebrated the Christmas season with our second annual O'Christmas Party!

After lots of cleaning and cooking, Joe and I got to enjoy the best part! Our family and friends.

We had a great time feasting and talking. This year we also had quite the entertainment with four kids under 3! They all behaved wonderfully and charmed everyone!

Thank you all to our wonderful friends, we do feel blessed! And if you weren't here, don't worry, we still love you too!

Wishing all of you a happy Christmas time with your family and friends!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Frustrations in the Ease of Home Delivery

It's Christmas time.

That means for most of us that we are dabbling in the trend of online shopping. Oh, it sounds so promising. Search, find, click, save, ship. You can find bargains online, true, and sometime score the occassional free shipping too if you do it right.

Sounds so great...

THEN comes the Dance of the Delivery Services.

You don't know if it's coming FedEx, UPS or USPS. For some reason, some will be left on the door step, some require signatures, some get hung up in customs. And of course if you're not there when those dudes come, you gotta start tracking them down before they take your package back ever so rudely!

Why can you not schedule when you get delivered to. And why do they think someone will always be home on a Tuesday at 2 p.m. to sign for something?

Ugh, what a lovely little holiday tradition.

But it saves us time, right?


Is this thing on?

Oh well...Merry Shipping

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Beatles Mania -- in Spanx!

I had a glimpse of what it must be like for pop stars and their crazed fans. Young girls crowding together just to get a glimpse of Paul or John. The screaming, the cheering, the clapping, the sheer amount of people.

This was a Christmas gift from Lydia.

She so innocently gave me a cookbook, but what came along next was, well, read for yourself...

You see, this wasn't just your run of the mill Betty Crocker cookbook. No, this was the first ever, first edition The Pioneer Woman cookbook.

The Pioneer Woman is a wonderful 'little' blog I read almost daily. She's a self-proclaimed accidental country girl who found herself living on a family-run cattle ranch in Oklahoma with her personal Marlboro Man and 4 punks of their own.

She writes of their ranch lives, cows, silly dogs, family, photography, real-people cooking, home schooling and just fun things. I enjoy it...and well, it seems so do A LOT of other people.
As part of the release of her first cookbook, her publishers have sent her on a book tour that PW herself has deemed the "Griswold (Drummond) Family Book Trip." And while winging their way across the country, they decided to stop in at a Dallas Borders.And that's where we went!

Lyd and I put the puppy out in the cold, bundled up and headed over around 5 p.m. to get the lay of the land before she showed up at 7 p.m. for the signing. We were doing so good. All early and everything. We went to the store, asked around and received 2 pink wrist bands, and were informed we'd be called by color groups. Awesome! Let's go eat.

We hit up a great pizza place right down the way and enjoyed a personal favorite of mine, pepperoni and black olive! So, after chatting and finishing up we headed back over, thought we might grab a coffee and see what we had to see.

What we had to see were LOTS and LOTS of ladies, babies, a few stray husbands and grandads...THIS STORE WAS PACKED!!!
Oh Lordy! What have we gotten into.

Around 6:30 they started calling color groups to line up! What, you mean we don't get to hear her talk or anything? NOPE!

There were 3 groups in front of us. Each consisting of about 100 people we were told. WHAT!? And there were at least 3 groups behind us that we knew about!! So on the shy side, there were 7 hundred crazy people in that store that night!

So, we began our wait. We were standing for quite a while till we decided that was just stupid. So we sat, and waited and waited. We were rewarded with a small treat seeing Ree, PW herself, and her two cute girls released from their holding sell in the back of the store.
After that...we waited...and waited.

Lyd and I talked, enjoyed some coffees and started meeting the people around us. Niccole and Jen were two cute friends who had come together. Sydney was in front of them and later joined by her sister Sarah...and their very tired and over stimulated children. There was a very kind grandpa behind me. And these were our friend for the next 4 HOURS!
Over the next 4-plus hours:
- We found Religion. See, right there...we were camped out here for most of our time. The line did NOT move for at least two hours...maybe God was teaching us patience -- in the religion section.- We learned names, names of children, proper cloth diaper care, birthing philosophies.
(I tuned out on several occasions to save my sanity.)
- Lyd and I looked at author names and tried to come up with good baby names. Somehow Erasmus and Attilla were nixed by my good friend.
- We took turns going to the bathroom.
- We got our coffee/hot chocolate and a delightful apple tart.
- I went with Jen and Niccole to cheat and get the PW girls to sign our books so we could insure getting a t-shirt.
(Those country kids just weren't ready for our wily city ways. Just kidding, they were delightful, gracious and having way too much fun not sitting in a line.)
- We almost had a riot on hand when a woman, a Plano principle of some sort, behind us almost lost it over more yellows getting in line before us. She didn't like the Borders employee's explanation that they got their arm bands first so they could do that. Really, don't you teach this stuff in school lady? Calm down! It's ok!
- We were bombarded with children up WAY past their bed time, given coke and not completely supervised. Ugh. Take deep breaths. It's ok. But really, isn't that what dads or baby sitters are for?
When we finally did start moving, we started moving at a good pace. Around 10:45 we were in site of the table. We felt so proud. We felt so accomplished.

It was almost our turn. I handed my book over, complete with my name post-it so she'd spell it right. We waited. We met, we said it was so nice to meet you. A girl came back, crowded in and asked another question...that's fine. But then the grandpa came up before we got our picture. NOOOO. We waited this long! We're getting a picture!!!

So, I politely asked if he could wait a sec, he did (he's a nice grandpa), the Borders guy snapped a pic...we said goodbye.
That was it! Our 2-second brush with fame!

Perhaps not quite what we were expecting, but it was definitely an experience we will both never forget.

We drove home giddy and a little drunk with exhaustion. I loaded up my pal with a Dr Pepper and said good bye. I came inside to my nice warm house knowing I have a great friend, a great husband for letting me do things like this, a signed cookbook, a t-shirt and a silly story to tell!

Off to pick a recipe!

**The Spanx refers to a comment Ree makes about herself on her many public appearances.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Adventures of No, No, Bad Dog - The Thanksgiving Edition

Hello dear readers,

It is I, No, No, Bad Dog returning for another enjoyable installment of my latest trials and tribulations.

As you all are aware of last week we celebrated a delectable holiday called Thanksgiving. I will refer to this as the Feast of the Big Bird!

My parents made the silly decision to leave me to visit Leanna's folks in Houston. I am not allowed to go, something about allergies and fencing not up to puppy code. So, for my first night of alone-ness, they left me at Doggie's Wonderland.

Oh, you'd think I'd have a great time frolicking and romping with 30-plus dogs my size also left over the Feast of the Big Bird. Truth is, you'd be right -- BUT WE'RE NOT GOING TO TELL THE PARENTS THAT...GOT IT!?

I was picked up the next day by my aunt, Sarah, and you know what...they didn't even give her my leash! Said I didn't have one or something (we picked it up yesterday, my mom takes care of me!). So she has to get me to her car on a busy road with dogs barking and no leash...thank you, Sarah!

And so began my stay with the grandfolks and the cousin pups, Baily and Ursa. We had a good time. On a few occasions I had to go back to stay at my house while they ran errands because their new fence isn't quite Ryker-tested just yet. I was super excited the first time they dropped me off thinking Mom and Dad were home. THEY WERE NOT! The next time, I was not so excited, so when they showed up to pick me back up, I leaped into the car and told them to take me home and LOVE ME!!

Now, here's where it gets good peeps! On one such day when we were all at home, the grandfolks went inside to clean up a bit from all of our adventures in their massive yard! When they returned a while later, I was NOWHERE in site! NOWHERE!

The panic set in. They surveyed the yard. They saw no holes. No boards missing. They called, and nothing! Where did I go!!?? (teehee, if only they knew.)

Ursa and Bailey just set there looking at them giving away nothing of my secret. They decided that I must have scaled the fence and made a break for home. So they both jumped in their cars and headed over...only no pupster.

After an hour or two of searching the neighborhoods in two cars and talking to my dad, they decided to come home and search one more time there. My dad said if they were home and the garage door was open, I wouldn't leave. He was right...but not in the obvious way.

Holly checked upstairs and the attic -- nothing. Jim decided to try calling again...and that's where he heard my sad little whine.

He called again and finally realized I was under the deck in the back yard. Not just with my head stuck, butt in the air, but UNDER THE DECK. IN THE MIDDLE.
-- Here's the deck!--
See, I was on an adventure and I just couldn't manage to turn around and get back out, so I just stayed. Jim rescued me by unscrewing a few boards, and out I popped. I was fine, really, just a little stuck!

Really, what was all the fuss about?

Between the grandparents and dad, they decided not to tell mom. But someone let it slip out, and my story was told. I didn't get into too much trouble, but they did tell me not to do it again.

I'll do my best, but sometimes it's just hard!

Stay tuned for my next adventure! Who knows what can happen over Christmas, right!?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Anecdotes

A few Thanksgiving thoughts to put you in the holiday spirit:
(thanks dad)

"When I was a kid in Indiana, we thought it would be fun to get a turkey a year ahead of time and feed it and so on for the following Thanksgiving.
But by the time Thanksgiving came around, we sort of thought of the turkey as a pet, so we ate the dog. Only kidding. It was the cat."
- David Letterman

"At Thanksgiving, my mom always makes too much food, especially one item, like 700 or 800 pounds of sweet potatoes. She's got to push it during the meal. 'Did you get some sweet potatoes? There's sweet potatoes. They're hot. There's more in the oven, some more in the garage. The rest are at the Johnson's.'"
- Louie Anderson

"We're having something a little different this year for Thanksgiving. Instead of a turkey, we're having a swan. You get more stuffing."
- George Carlin

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Couponing - a way of life for some; a trivial waste of time for others - which are you?

After enjoying our lovely dinner out on the town with my sissy and bro-in-law WITH OUR COUPON we all commented that we enjoyed saving money with our coupons!
We enjoyed two steak dinners at Roadhouse for a whopping $15.

So it got me thinking, do others of you dine with coupons? Do you clip coupons from the Sunday paper? Where do you find your savings?

I subscribe to most e-blasts from the stores and restaurants I frequent and end up getting some very good deals. Especially around Christmas and birthdays.

I used to get the paper every other Sunday and enjoy a lazy afternoon of paroozing the ads and clipping coupons. However, when the Dallas Morning News hit $3 or $3.50 for a Sunday paper, I've since quit.

I guess if I am doing my couponing diligently and remembering to bring them to the store, I would recoup the cost, but I haven't quite been able to do that.

Would love to hear from you where you find your savings and if you have some good places online, we'll add a few links!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Go Carl! Go!

Go Carl! Go!

I guess it has been about a year since we planted Carl, and let me tell you he is doing a fabulous job. When the trees started changing colors, Carl was still green. But as we headed into November, I saw a miraculous change! No longer just green-leafed, Carl was morphing into a beautiful orange and red fall maple tree!

Here's a few pics highlighting Carl's fanciful fall coat!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


One thing Ryker Hasn't done yet...
funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

Friday, November 06, 2009

To Those Without Pets

To those without pets, you should get one.

HOW, unless your apartment makes it ridiculously expensive to have one or your parents forbid you, do you not have a pet?
They are so neat! They are so fun! They are so silly! They are so loud!

They are so loving. They are so friendly. They are so caring. They are so concerned.

They smile. They snuggle. They ignore you. They laugh at you (you know they do). They kiss you.

If you don't have one, you need one. Adopt an instant best friend, it's pretty cool!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Knowing One's Limitations...

I really should know better.

I really should remember my limitations.

But I get frustrated.

I can do NOTHING in a straight line. Walk - no. Cut - no. Draw - no. Drive - best of all (thank you power steering).

Ugh, I'm trying my hand at a patchwork blanket. I see so many beautiful creations out there in the blogosphere. I think, "Dude, I can totally do that." (yes, dude) So I bust out my little scraps, trace my square, cut, sew. Noooo....

Why don't they match up? Why? You're all supposed to be the same size! I use the same seam allowance? What are you doing to me!? Arg.

Let the seam ripping ensue. =(

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nubs: A True Story of a Mutt, a Marine and a Miracle

I remember hearing about this story a while back -- A Marine stationed in Iraq comes across some street dog with nubs for ears (someone along the way had cut them off). He and his buddies spend time playing with the dog and working with the dog while they are in the area for a patrol. What comes after that is truly a heart-warming story of love and determination from Marine AND Mutt!

Major Brian and Nubs!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This weekend is my dad's 60th birthday!

He was born on November 1st - All Saints' Day.

Yes, I too get a great, wonderful laugh out of that little fact each and every year! Ha!

Happy Birthday Daddio!
We love you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Road Crossing Anxiety

Let's face it. I am a bit of a jay walker. I think designated crossings are for sissies.

But after seeing this article, about some Canadian 'deer,' I may be mending my ways. I WILL be looking at ALL angles before stepping out in fear of coming face to face with one of these mutant cousins of Bambi!
And that's all I have to say about that! You've been warned.

Monday Musings

Fill in the Blank Fun:

Found this and thought it was pretty amusing, so here you go!

  1. If I was on a first date with someone and s/he ordered a sparkling water or something completely off the menu with thirty nine substitutions because he's allergic, I would probably end the date early.
  2. When I’m sick I really want someone to make sure I have tissues, medicine and a book, then turn the lights off and leave me alone to die.
  3. I know that some people really love collecting figurines, but I don’t understand how they spend so much money on it.
  4. I know that some people think I’m crazy for spending so much money on stationery and paper products, but I really love them.
  5. I’m so glad that I’ve outgrown plaid shirts and bad short haircuts since high school.
  6. I am living proof that the stereotype about Baptists isn’t always accurate.
  7. I know that it is a made-up word; but frelling! is a permanent part of my vocabulary.
  8. I can’t wait for Roomie Reunion '09 next week!
  9. The most common misconception about me is that I am the 'quiet one.'
  10. I wish I wouldn’t wimp out on things, but sometimes I just can’t stop myself.
  11. If I never heard the word (or phrase) John and Kate again, it would still be too soon.
  12. I have a hidden talent for having the uncanny ability to know where other people left their things, but NOT my own that no one would ever expect of me.
  13. I am not a fan of extraordinary rendition; but if it were to take place for crimes against ridiculously priced items that only ensue wanting then Pottery Barn execs should be the first person(s) on the plane to Guantanamo.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

NNO and the Return of Boxer Lady

So last night was National Night Out..and being 'good neighbors', we had to participate. This is an event for neighbors to meet each other and to kick crime out by knowing your neighbors and your surroundings.

We headed out a bit late because Joe was finally able to prepare the flower beds for his EIGHT new blueberry plants. In the meantime, he was chastised several times for not making an appearance yet! (You see, we are on the end of the alley on the end of the street where the event was being held.) But we did make it out with the pupster and met a few of our neighbors we knew and a few we didn't, including several of Ryker's neighborhood barking buddies.

As the evening was winding down, I saw a reddish dog come running along without his person. I had put up Ryker a few minutes before, because it was just getting too much for him. So, of course I was thinking this is our Houdini dog...

It wasn't, it was our neighbors from behind. She went to go sniff out a little white dog...and happened. Barking, growling, biting, yelping, crying...ugh. Big Red tried to take down little white dog.

And the first one on the scene to give her two bits, yep, Boxer Lady. After talking with Big Red's owner later, it seems Boxer Lady offered her services to the little white dog's person as an eye witness to the aggressive attack. Even to go so far as to give up her own terrifying account pointing to us, as Joe tells me later.

REALLY??? Really? Why do some people always have to be up in your business when unpleasant things happen? Why do they want to continue the unpleasantness? Why not offer your assistance, see if the dogs are ok and go from there? Why is it always a jump to, "Don't worry, we'll make them pay for being horrible human beings?"

After talking with Joe later, I had to calm myself down and just remember that God charges us to love all people. Even less-than-loving neighbors.

But this National Night Out did end on a high note. We did meet a good chunk of our neighbors. We did get to see a bike cop motorcycle and fire engine up close. But the best was when one of our neighbors asked the cop to go knock on her door and interrogate her 16-yr-old about driving with too many people in the car. Oh, it was so mean, but wow, what an awesome prank. And by your own mom! Priceless!

Thursday, October 01, 2009


For the past several years holidays have been getting funnier and funnier. And not always in a good way.

Is there a reason we need to start stocking up on our Halloween decorations in August? I get the Christmas in July concept, but not actual Christmas in July.

And don't even get my started on people combining things, watering down things or just tossing things out all together because they are no longer P.C.

So when I saw this card the other day in my inbox, I just had to laugh.
Merry Everything!


Well, there you go folks...Merry Everything...from your friends, The O...oh, who cares...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I miss this.

I miss this.
I do.
I don't think I took enough advantage while we were there to really just sit and enjoy God's amazing creations.
Anyone have a few bucks I could borrow to go back???

Friday, September 18, 2009

Along Came a Spider

The other day, Ryker and I were returning from a walk when I saw something glinting in the morning light beside our fence."Oh," I thought, "a beautiful spider web!"

A beautiful spider web holding a spider big enough to strangle ME AND RYKER in just a few short seconds. So, I casually high-tailed it back inside and called Joe to let him know I had a job for him later. He's thinking, oh, silly Leanna...she's afraid of a bug.

Most of you know I am not the biggest fan of bugs, but I usually do not go running for the hills when I see them later. He should have known something bigger was afoot, or perhaps, atalon!

My knight came home. We armed ourselves with our trusty weapons. He a can of wasp spray and a shovel. Me my camera and my dog! This sucker was huge! He was at least 5 inches all the way around, with a long thin body, half black, half orange legs and pointy talons. He was the stuff of nightmares!
Joe then threw down his gauntlet and let the beast have it. His spray was mightier than the web, and we finished him off with the shovel...beacuse I WAS NOT taking any chances with this one!
...later while reading my Country Living it had an article about gardening and had a feature of some spider that was harmless and usually showed up in gardens. It looks ever so much like our beast. But you know, I feel better knowing he is not hanging around our house any more!




Friday, August 28, 2009

Labor Day Vaca - The Countdown is ON!

Can I say that we are super excited for our Labor Day Vaca? Can I say that we are pumped to get a little bit of rest and relaxation! Yes I CAN!

The countdown is on! In a few days we will be winging our way to the North Carolina Shores to Bald Head Island.I am super excited about this because the O'Briens seem to be experts on NC, as that is where my mother-in-law and her family hail from. I have only heard about the wonders of this state, so I am excited to be included in all of this, so that one day I will have stories to make other people feel like they have missed out in life! =)
So Bald Head Island, you ask? Yeppers. It is one of the last islands of the Outerbanks Islands (OBX to those natives). It is not assessable by cars, you have to take a ferry over - then you are left with your feet, a bike or a golf cart to get you around this little place! AWESOME!

So send me your summer beach read recommendations, your addresses for post cards and your well wishes! Because we are blowing this popsicle stand!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Because some times you just need a good story...

I've seen dogs do some pretty crazy things, showing they're sometimes more in tune with us than we think they are. And here's one more to prove the point...
Lost and Found Dog Saves Life of Boy with Down Syndrome - Paw Nation

Shared via AddThis

Monday, August 10, 2009

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Colvin!

That's right, they did it! They tied the knot.
On Saturday, August 8, 2009, my sissy married her sweetheart!

We had an oh-so-busy weekend of funness including bachelorette party, rehersal dinner, wedding and TEN MILLION errands in between. There were tons of laughs, lots of smiles, a few, but happy tears, many well wishes and most of all love!

What a wonderful gift God has given us with marriage, to not only join closer to the one we love, but to join families and friends too! So here's to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Colvin!

We love you guys!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Wedding Week!

It's wedding week here in the Pate Household!

That's right, this Saturday Jennifer and Jamie are gonna get hitched!

We are all very excited that the massive amounts of wedding planning, errands, tears and traumas will all pay off!

Let's see, need to drop off cake plates, pick up programs (hopefully printed correctly), fix dress, figure out when the 'rentals are coming, pick up friends from the airport, finish planning girly fun night, enjoy girly fun night, mani/pedis (budget willing), rehersal, rehersal dinner, hair, makeup, WEDDING!

See, simple. Photos coming soon to a blog near you!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trip to the Golden Triangle

So last weekend, we went down to Nederland for my friend Dina's baby shower. She and her hubby are expecting their first kiddo this September.

Miss Kylee Trinity-Danell was celebrated in style on Sunday by her family and friends. Here are a few pics from the day.

Joe and I had a fun time too going down there (minus the bad motorcycle incident) and just hanging out! We met my parents in Houston, went down a stretch of I-10 I haven't been in forever and was given the warning of "look out for hogs on your way in." Ahhh, nothing says "home" like a warning for some perty redneck stuff... We ate at La Suprema and I was happy. We also made a trek to Beaumont and hit up the mall because I left our nice clothes sitting on the couch (you try getting everything ready and corralling your dog at the same time!)

Anywhoo, it was a fun trip had by all! Thanks Bordelons and Adams for hosting us! We really enjoyed our non-air matress! =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Public Service Announcement



On our trek to the Golden Triangle this weekend, Joe and I got to be involved in something we would have preferred never to have been involved in. We stopped and aided in an accident we witnessed.

While making our way through Huntsville, I noted three bikers joined us on the highway, mainly because they had cup holders! How awesome is that.

Some time right after we passed the MASSIVE Sam Houston statue on 45, Joe said something to the effect of OH NO! I looked up and saw people flying either way across the highway in front of us and immediately grabbed the phone and dialed 911 as Joe pulled to the shoulder.

Two bikers went down and somehow made it to the side of the road without getting run over.

There was a board in the road that someone had dropped. The first biker, their dad, was unable to miss it and it flung up behind him hitting his two boys, the other bikers. Both lost control of their bikes and slid across the pavement IN FRONT OF US as we are all traveling 70mph!

One was pretty banged up and one was majorly banged up, all were shaken up, including the SEVERAL people who stopped. If they had NOT had helmets on, I think I would be telling you a different tale, but they did and we were able to quickly get them assistance.

So PLEASE, PLEASE tell your friends and family to wear a helmet when they ride. It really can and will save their lives.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Everyone Needs a Little WT...


Well, maybe you don't need it, but it does seem to creep in every once in a while.

We had a fantastic weekend! My parents rode into town for 4th festivities and more wedding activities.

Thursday we took Jennifer's bridal pics, and what a marathon that was with hair and makeup, flowers and photos. I was one tuckered kiddo, and it wasn't even about me. I chalk it up to ME being the one running around getting, positioning, snapping and so on. I was a bit bummed with my own photos I took. Jenni's photographer is fast and has a super huge lens. I am not and I do not. Enough said. Oh well...practice, practice, practice.

Friday was an excellent day spent with the hubster and the pupster. We just had fun, and got things done around the house. THEN it was time for Kaboom Town in Addison! I LOVE IT!

Usually, we set up shop in Joe's parents' office overlooking the Addison Airport, but this year, they changed office locations to the side of the building, so no more straight shot. Instead, we set up camp in the back of our pickup. Chips, dip, sandwiches, cake, brownies, beer, cokes, trash, blankets, purses, chairs, dog, family --- ALL IN THE BACK OF OUR TRUCK at some point in time. See where the WT comes in??? Oh, but it was fun.

And as we were eagerly anticipating the start of the show, staring at our watches, commenting, "Yep, it's 9:30, they should be about to start..." SPLOOOOUUUSSHHHHH!!!!


The office sprinklers set off, dousing everyone down the edge of the parking area. Food gets wet, people get wet, chairs get wet, dog gets wet, guitar and music get wet. Do you see a theme here? Sadly, our camp got separated with half in the back of the truck and half further into the empty, weedy field. Oh, but the fireworks were great and we did have a fun time.

The 4th we did in style with a pool party and grilling topped off with the city fireworks viewed from our neighborhood sidewalk.

Man, I love this holiday! Freedom is precious and fireworks are awesome!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Patience and Understanding

These are two things I'm usually good at but I have encountered the one person who tries both of these for both me and for Ryker.

You may have heard me speak of her before. I shall call her Boxer Lady. She does not like us.

Way back when, when we first got Ryker, he was accompanying me to the car and caught a wiff of Boxer Lady and Boxer Dog. (she has a boxer, an 80+ lb male boxer). Ryker sprinted after them a little ways down from our house on the sidewalk. From the time I made it from the door to the dogs, they were growling and snapping. She then proceded to lambast me up oneside and down the other. Neat.

Anywhoo, since then, Joe and I have tried saying hi and waving to Boxer Lady and Boxer Dog when we see them. We get nothing in return. PERHAPS a look of disgust, but usually just a head down and move to the other side of the street.

Joe and I went garage sale hopping last Saturday and hit one up directly behind our house a bit. We left Ryker in the car and he started barking. Joe went to check on him only to report that Boxer Lady and Boxer Dog were walking by. He also noted that Boxer Lady stopped and looked like she was going to say something to Joe, but shook her head and kept walking.

THEN today, Ryker and I were saying goodbye to Joe as he left for the day. I usually wave from the poarch and Ryker eats leaves (don't ask me, I have no clue). But today, he caught a wiff and Joe did not warn us from his vantage point of the street. You guessed it. Boxer Lady and Boxer Dog.

Ryker started sprinting and whining. Joe and I both called. He stopped and started coming back where I grabbed his collar and said good dog as we went back to the house. (Please note, that Ryker DID listen and didn't leave our property! Go Ryk!) Meantime Boxer Lady has the look of fear in her eyes and is jerking up on 80 lb Boxer Dog's leash (also note that Ryk is 40 lbs and a head shorter). UGHHH!

This is the only dog Ryker has ever shown aggression towards and I believe it is because they tussled, the boxer is a bigger dog, he's protecting me and his territory AND most of all, they've never been introduced properly.

This lady grates at me. She makes me mad and sad. And the only conversations I've had with her is when she's yelling at me or accusing me. I try to be nice, I try to smile. But I think I am over it. AND if we're such the spawns of satan that we seem to be, why does she keep walking by our house??

It is silly I know. But I pray about it and just hope that God shows me what he'll have me do. In the meantime, I hope I just don't have to see her. Boo.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Go watch it!

You need to.
You really do.

This was such a fun movie. Joe and I went on a little date the other week after getting to meet our new friend Baby Jacob.

I am a super fan of Pixar (although our relationship was a little diminished by Wall-E).
UP focuses on Carl, a crotchety old man being forced from his home by urban sprawl, but decides to take matters into his own hands and goes UP! During the first half of the movie, we learn Carl's back story and understand why he is the way he is. But the rest of the movie is a hilarious, touching and imaginative adventure story. The cast of characters also includes the endearing wilderness scout Russell, crazy Kevin and lovable Dug.

Action, adventure, family, friends and REALLY funny circumstances makes for a great movie to be enjoyed by all. Go see it! You'll be glad you did!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Back Yard - Agains...

Just an update on the goings-on of our backyard. You may remember the images a while back of the strange concrete objects. Well, Joe put them to good use constructing our deck while I was gone with the sister to her shower in our home town.
After a few days, we're almost finished. And when the boards are all laid out, we'll stain it and be good to go.
Our handy-dandy site supervisor surveying Joe's work...he says it's good to go.
Only a few more boards left, then we can party! Ryker's just happy he has another perch!
We also moved around a rose bush that we were sure was about to kick the bucket, but as you can see, our little yellow rose of Texas did us proud! Way to go little one!

Wasn't this a cool picture. The light was just so beautiful this morning and I figured out how to get the sun flare when I wanted it!
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lucky 200!

Can you believe it? I've made it to my 200th post. And sadly not much to say.

Except, Sew Mama Sew...excellent giveaway. I actually won something...a few something. Crazy! There are some amazingly creative people out there who are wonderful enough to share their craftiness and their passion with the world. It's a good thing. Handmade things with love are the best -- especially when they are cute to boot! Thank you to all the talented crafters who participated!

Also, my mom told me the other day that one of our faithful neighborhood cats has been having a hard go of it lately. He's about 12 yrs or so, and life may just be catching up to him. So in honor of Wilbur the Wondercat, I thought I would share a few of these with you:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ryker's New Trick

Ok, I'm thinking this might have to be Ryker's new trick.

Get a load of this little guy. Made me laugh...

Next up, burning the fat by belly dancing with your dog! ummm...nah.

The Weiners!

Ok, so for those of you who took a gander at the below photos and took a guess, the correct answer is a deck to be located behind our back bedroom.

Emily, Lydia and Teresa guessed correctly.

However no one told me the function of the little guys in the I guess that means I won? The function of the blocks is to be screwed into to hold the metal pieces for the deck to be held in place. (Or supports...)

Noo.... Since I told Lydia what we were planning, that does kinda exempt her, but I'm sure I figure out something for her. But Emily and Teresa, I will ponder your prizes and get back with you soon!

Thanks for playing, and for you lurkers out there, STOP lurking...I know you were guessing too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I Spy Something New...

I spy a new project forming...
I spy something fun a-coming...
I spy a contest forming...

If you can tell me the function of what is pictured here and what project it pertains to, you might just find yourself a winner of a little prize. One entry per person strictly enforced by the little red dog, and ends on Wednesday!
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