Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Here!


We made it! Now what??

I have so enjoyed watching O grow and learn this last year in his preschool. Now he's out for summer. And I feel overwhelmed. What do I do to entertain this spitfire 7 days a week now? Any summer fun suggestions or learning plans would be greatly appreciated.

Movies!! Summer movies are here too. Joe and I had the opportunity to go on an afternoon date to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. It was a LOT of fun. Action, good store line, great villain, and just fun to revisit these iconic characters. I am also looking forward to taking O to the movies this summer too. There are some awesome kids' movies coming up: Monsters' Inc., II,  Despicable Me II, and Planes to name a few.

Someone's birthday!! In very short order, our house's No. 1 toddler will be turning 3!! This still baffles me. I love getting to see his imagination take off at this stage. He can now play pretty well "by himself" while I'm doing laundry or something. Another thing I've noticed is that when he gets in trouble or scared, he makes up a story about another little boy or "his brother" to help get his feelings across. Sometimes these stories are a little sad, and other times, these stories are so stinkin' funny I have to turn away not to upset him with my laughter!

The end of the MBA!! Joe will be done with his MBA at the end of July. We are so proud of Joe's accomplishments and dedication in this program, but losing him for two days a week plus studying and weekend meetups with groups is not high on our family fun list. We will all be so happy when Joe (and our bro-in-law Jamie) completes this goal!!

Moving closer to baby!! Sheesh...it seems September is closer than it should. I can't believe I'll have a 3yo and a newborn pretty soon!

Summer 2013 seems to be bringing all sorts of fun and excitement. Bring it on and bring on the pool while we're at it...or cooler temps. One can dream, right??

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bows or Bowties?

If you popped on over to the O'Baby O'Brien blog, you might have seen we had a gender reveal party this weekend for O'Baby 2.0! It was a wonderful evening filled with silliness, friends, family, food, and an answered surprise!
...and it almost didn't happen!

I got a called on Monday from my doctor's office asking me to return their call to reschedule the sonogram because their sonographer would be out. WHAT? WHAAATTTT??? I have plans! I have people coming in! I have plans! Joe and I want to find out!!

So, I did what any other person in my position would do -- I called my sister panicked! After I vented and we talked about it, I 'calmly' called my doctor's office to reschedule thankfully Thursday before our party on Friday. Joe and I also decided we would make the event a surprise for us too, so, we sealed up the detailed photos and a note from the sonographer, and I shoved it in the glove box as soon as I got to the car!

Man! That was hard for the first few minutes, but then I was ok! I couldn't wait to find out with Joe and Owen and our family and friends the next day. On Friday, I delivered the mystery envelope to my pal Emily, who was privileged to know before us all and prepare the news in the form of silly string.
Guests were asked to vote Bows or Bowties/Mustaches on whether O'Baby 2.0 would be a boy or girl when they arrived. They could also suggest a name, because...we are awful at names! After a bit of eating and visiting, we all moseyed out to the backyard with our cans, said a count down and were all momentarily confused!
What color was the string??
Seems the chemical reaction in the silly string takes just a moment to mix when sprayed!!! It looked white, light pink, blue???? BLUE!!! IT WAS BLUE!!!
We're having a boy!! O's going to have a little brother!!
Oh, HAPPY DAY!! Joe and I are blessed with two boys.
For the record, I voted boy, Joe voted girl, and O voted boy (on that day)!
And with this news, I ask for your prayers. Two boys?? Oh, Lordy!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

In the Trenches

There was a man named Joe. And Joe had a dream.

Joe dreamed of a lush, green yard.

Joe had a hard, spotty green and brown yard.

So, Joe decided to get to work.

First, he killed! He killed it all. The green, the bad, the good, the ugly...all dead. Dead.
Next, he tilled. He tried to soften our hard back yard and loosened it up for the next round.

What's next you ask? A sprinkler system...we want green, remember!?

Trenches and dirt everywhere. Dirt in the yard. Dirt in the driveway. Dirt in the living room. :(

It works! Joy! Triumph!

Now, to add the green. To be delivered and deposited this weekend we hope.

Joe had a dream. Joe makes dreams come true! Way to go, Joe.

(now, next project...to sit back, relax and enjoy the green!