Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Spy!

I spy something fun!
I spy something tiny!
I spy something PERFECT for this Easter season!

Have you guessed?

Tiny little baby bunnies (and their mama) have taken up residence in our side yard. How did we discover this, you ask? Well, thanks to our trusty RykerDog, he sniffed out that something was afoot, and started poking his nose around. When his nose led him to a little patch of roughage that started squeaking, Joe quickly picked him up (because that was the only way of dragging him away) and threw him in the house. I however, went to work discovering what our little noisy hole was!! With a small stick I peeled away the leaves and fur and discovered 4-5 tiny little fidgeting bunnies!

They are so cute and small, and have already increased their size since we discovered them on Sunday! With the tiniest ears and, and they just bounce and pop when you peel back their cover. And no, we don't do this often, just to check to see if they're still ok! So, here's a little video to see the guys in live action!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Joe the Chef!

This Christmas I gave Joe a gift of "Be the Chef" from Benihana to learn to how to cook tepannyaki style, a style of food he LOVES to eat!

They had one day of training on a Saturday, then the following week we got to enjoy all his learned skills as he prepared a meal for us. We took our fun friends Emily and Allan to help me mock, I mean, cheer on Joe as he cooked!

We had a GREAT TIME! Joe was a wonderful chef, and we've enjoyed several meals back at home utilizing the skills and recipes he learned on his adventure! And if you have any budding foodies in your family, I totally recommend this! You get the cooking lesson and dinner for 4 out of the deal!

Here's a few highlights from our evening!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Joe's Birthday Gift

Looking for a little something for Joe's birthday this year (after getting a new radar gun), I decided we needed a new board game.

We had played Ticket to Ride: Europe at our friends Jon and Lydia's house and really enjoyed it! Ok, done!

It is a pretty quick game of strategy where your mission is to build trains across Europe given certain tickets. You have to plot the best coarse, avoid other players, and remember what you are doing -- but it doesn't take too long and you don't have to think to hard -- wins for everyone!

We've played several times now just the two of us and with family and friends. So, if you're looking for a fun family game, even for older children, I totally recommend Ticket to Ride: Europe!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What Flower are You?

You are a Tulip!

At one time, the frenzied demand for these bright, happy bulbs made the tulip one of the most expensive flowers on the market in Holland and Turkey. While tulips have become more affordable in the modern age, tulips have become synonymous with fame and yellow bulbs are often called “smiles of sunshine”. You share the limelight with the tulip as a popular individual who can light up your surroundings and make even perfect strangers feel perfectly at ease. You are an expressive, charismatic type of person who is adept at making others feel comfortable and special, and your charm is often deeply influencing to others whether you are aware of it or not. Often artistic and active, your expressive nature and youthful energy ensure your presence is never forgotten.

Well, it sounds nice anyways...And I do LOVE me some tulips! I have some coming up in my yard right now! Pictures to, what flower are you? Post if you take the quiz!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Down and Out

So, blogging is a little harder these days, as our 13-month old HP computer has tried to come to an early death. I am not happy, and blogging from an iPhone is not that fun!

I'll keep you posted!