Friday, February 29, 2008

Childhood Memories

Do you ever have those moments where something happens in life and it takes you right back to the sweet, carefree days of childhood. Well, I had one of those moments yesterday (and today)...

Joe, my engineer extraodinair is building a pergola, or wood awning, on our back porch. While setting the support beams and top boards, he needed some middle supports. (see illustration below)

Meanwhile, I was trying to be a good flower momma by watering my newly planted strawberries, lavender and calla lilies in hopes that they grow up strong, AND I was talking to my pal Lyd. As I was walking back to the house from examining something in the yard...POW!!!!!!

I completely drilled my precious little head into the middle supports. A few choice and incoherent words, complete with a few tears, later, I was able to describe the situation to poor baffled Lydia.

Now, back to the childhood memories...I hit my head A LOT! (not just my head, don't fear) But seriously people. The best example I have of this is in elementary school while walking in line with our class, I turned to talk to someone behind me. When I turned around I ran smack dab into a 2-foot diameter pole! So hard, mind you, I threw up, had to go to the nurse and I think I even got to go home! Go big, right?

So, yep, sweet AND traumatic childhood memories. And to report this morning, there is a bruise, but no bump!

Post note: while taking this picture, I smacked into the board on the LEFT this time on the left side of my head! Can a girl get a prayer of protection!? sheesh!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life Changes

After reading everyone's blogs the last few days, seems like we are all undergoing life changes!

I've always been a little curious to see what happens with our generation. We don't have the town jobs to keep us close to "home" as much. Gender norms have been busted open for a while now. We are dependent on technology. So where does that take us? Some to foreign countries, some to new churches, some to new towns to start new churches and some to places we don't even know yet.

In keeping with the blogging topic of the moment, I'd like to share something that I am looking into pursuing. After a few years in the "corporate" world, I've seen it's really not a place for me. I enjoy people, I enjoy helping people, I enjoy learning and I even enjoy a bit of change.

So, I am considering being a teacher. I have signed up with my new school district to start subbing and I am looking into different alternative certification programs. I am exciting and doing a lot of searching, praying and advice. Whatever I wind up doing, I just hope I get an A+ in my next career choice.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sending you a Valentine's Day greeting from my sky to you!

Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to enjoy
the little moments of God's love!

Monday, February 04, 2008


Isn't it crazy that when moving your life can be gathered up into a few or plenty boxes. It's always a surprise opening these boxes to find what they hold.
A few dishes... followed by wonderful memories of your wedding.
A diary or journal... ugh..what was I thinking, or perhaps, thank you God for leading me out of those troubled days.
Shirts you haven't seen since three moves before...Goodwill, here you go!
Pictures, oh, sweet pictures - fun times, if only we could step through the image and enjoy that view, taste a piece of cake or hug a loved one we can't hug anymore.
Books of every shape and size... did we really learn anything from that class; I love looking at those pictures; do you remember this part?; and, Half Price Books for you baby!
Letters, postcards, cards and, what awesome loved ones we have aquired along the way.

Thanks for the memories boxes, and thanks to those who make our lives and our boxes so full!