Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Buddy!!

Happy Third Birthday, RykerDog!!

We love you so much, and are so glad you are our pupster!

While I am not totally convinced you are three years old exactly, we'll run with it.

You have been such an awesome big brother to Owen. You've been a faithful friend to me during pregnancy, nursing and looking after this crazy kid. Your dad loves going on walks and runs with you, even if you are still out of control most of the time.

You are not perfect, but you are ours! Happy Birthday Buddy!

(and yes, in dogs years you are 21 this year, BUT we are NOT taking you drinking!)

((Thanks Lyd, for the awesome pic!))

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Generation

Have you seen the previews for this new ABC show, My Generation?

It's about Class of 2000 high school graduates from Austin, TX (ha! right?). I AM a Class of 2000 high school graduate.

According to the previews, we should already have taken over the world, made our millions and be content. However, we get to see that for a bunch of these 'losers' it hasn't happened that way yet.

IT HASN'T PEOPLE!!! I didn't know I was supposed to have everything figured out in 10 short years after graduating high school. Do you know how silly, and full of ourselves and crazy ideas we were at 18?

To be honest, it really has depressed me a bit. Every time I see a commercial for it, I think, what did I do wrong? Did I do something wrong?

I probably did do several things wrong, but I don't think I'm someplace I'm not supposed to be. I love my family and our lives together. There are definitely things I would like to change, but I don't think we should be made to feel guilty for not ALL being the president of the United States. Because, you know, that's only a one-person job.

I don't know if I'll tune in this fall. I guess it depends on my mental state. But, to all those other 2000 grads. I love you, keep on keeping on. And kudos to you for graduating high school!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Totally Wrong, but Interesting!

So, I was talking to my dog the other day, (yes, there is NOTHING wrong with this) and I realized something.

My dog, my wonderful red-fluffy-bunny of a crazy mutt, Ryker the WonderDog, NoNoBadDog, is smarter than my child.

Yep. I said it.

But really, he knows his name.
He can roll over by himself.
He can hold his head up.
He can go to the potty by himself.

He has a vocabulary.
Think about it:
Go for a: ride, walk, get the mail, etc.

He's a genius.
Little dude??? Well, all I can say is we're working on amending this post soon! =)