Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I miss this.

I miss this.
I do.
I don't think I took enough advantage while we were there to really just sit and enjoy God's amazing creations.
Anyone have a few bucks I could borrow to go back???

Friday, September 18, 2009

Along Came a Spider

The other day, Ryker and I were returning from a walk when I saw something glinting in the morning light beside our fence."Oh," I thought, "a beautiful spider web!"

A beautiful spider web holding a spider big enough to strangle ME AND RYKER in just a few short seconds. So, I casually high-tailed it back inside and called Joe to let him know I had a job for him later. He's thinking, oh, silly Leanna...she's afraid of a bug.

Most of you know I am not the biggest fan of bugs, but I usually do not go running for the hills when I see them later. He should have known something bigger was afoot, or perhaps, atalon!

My knight came home. We armed ourselves with our trusty weapons. He a can of wasp spray and a shovel. Me my camera and my dog! This sucker was huge! He was at least 5 inches all the way around, with a long thin body, half black, half orange legs and pointy talons. He was the stuff of nightmares!
Joe then threw down his gauntlet and let the beast have it. His spray was mightier than the web, and we finished him off with the shovel...beacuse I WAS NOT taking any chances with this one!
...later while reading my Country Living it had an article about gardening and had a feature of some spider that was harmless and usually showed up in gardens. It looks ever so much like our beast. But you know, I feel better knowing he is not hanging around our house any more!