Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Things

There are so many good things happening this week, I'd just like to share a few...

I got out an unused-to-date cookbook with so many wonderful goodies, and I just felt compelled to make these simple cookies. They should be ready in about an hour...if you'd like to sample stop on by.
My sister is house-sitting at the 'Big House' for the last time, as the home's super nice family is moving to Minnesota, BUT we get one last weekend to feel like we are rich and enjoy a great pool and a great kitchen over the 4th weekend.3. KABOOM TOWN!
This is one of the highlights of the year for me. If you know me at all, you know I am enthralled with fireworks (and yes, fire by itself, but that's for another day). We've started up a tradition by heading up to the world headquarters of O'Brien Engineering in Addison to enjoy a bit of food, the direct overhead fly-bys of the old war planes and then the evening's fireworks. LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!!!
One of my dearest friends, Brianna and her husband Matt (soon to be a dear friend too!) are headed into Dallas this weekend. I pretty much get to share all of the above with them and hopefully a lot more. This is my first time meeting Matt as life has gotten in the way of our visiting before now, but I'm sure we'll make up for lost time, right Matt?
Sorry, I'm a nerd. I'm still a happy new puppy mom, even if it's been 4 months or so. Heck, after you've waited 26 years, you get to be happy for quite a while, right?

Friday, June 27, 2008

A House Update

I've noticed I haven't really posted that much about the inside of our house. We're still working on decorating -- waiting for paintings to come, tables to be built, curtains and so on -- as you must with a young couple's budget.

However, we have done some things...

Our Bedroom:
- In our entryway, I was able to frame a few proof pages from a book of Texas Photography that we worked on at the press. The bottom one has puppy paws going up the sand dune, and it just makes me think of Ryker...I love that little guy.

- One whole wall is finished in here! Exciting I know. We painted the entry way and the back wall a peanut butter- esque hue and accented it with a framed poster from our vacation spot last Labor Day. I love that the photo almost takes on a sepia tone, but it's actually just the depth of color from the sky and the sands - awesome!
- I'm waiting on some dark stained shelves to put on the left side of the bed and some wires so we can actually put the TV in its proper location.
The Living Room:
- This one's mostly done I think. We may add a collage, painting or mirror to the wall by the French doors. And we're eagerly looking forward to the day when we can put on a nice natural wood mantel.

As for the rest of the house, I'm finishing up the chair rail in the dining/sitting room, Joe's got on his honey-do list to build an entry table (to look like this one from Pottery Barn), and a hutch for the kitchen corner. (He's really awesome, as he's made all the wood furniture in the living room!)

Hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse and if you'd like to see it in person or stop by to decorate for me, just give me a call!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Why dogs should not be decorators...

The other week, I came home from meeting my husband and in-laws from an impromptu lunch in Addison and returned to find my front windows looking smashed in and broken into! I began to panic wondering what on earth happened when a little red puppy head popped up!


I made it to the door lickity-split to be greeted by Ryker, tail wagging...which promptly stopped when he saw my face. I looked over into the dining room...blinds a mess, pillows on the floor and pee on the couch! BAD DOG!!!!!

I said NO! And rushed his hiney outside where it stayed till I finally calmed down after a bit of venting and shopping with Lydia. I don't think that dog's tail wagged until about 10 o'clock when I finally told him I still loved him.

Here are a few examples of his handiwork and why one should NOT hire their dog to be an interior decorator and why Ryker will not be left alone inside unless he is in his crate ANY MORE!


But if you will notice the nice paint job and chair rail that Joe and I least that's something nice.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Taggity Tag Tag

1) What was I doing 10 years ago?

The summer of '98 was not a highlight year. My sister ditched me for her college buddies, my parents uprooted me from my only home I'd known to move to Kingwood and the monster 5A school. My best friend moved far, far away too. Had to go to band practice in the middle of a black top parking lot.... Can we just not think about this year?

2) What are five things on my to-do list today?

Laundry, tidy, NOT go to the dentist, try and be productive! Oh, and play with puppy and read Treasure Island with Joe.

3) What snacks to I enjoy?

Anything sweet! Or chips and salsa, chips and queso, chips and dip...but not so much chips on their own. Apples and peanut butter = awesome!

4) Where are some places I’ve lived?

Nederville, H-Town (ish), Wacko, Aggie Land and currently the Big D (ish)

5) What things would I do if I were a billionaire?

If I were a billionaire, I'd pay off any debts we had, as well as our parents and sissies. I'd save. I'd buy a Corvette (or two). I'd donate to Water is Basic and other church-affiliated charities/missions and work with Lydia to improve animal rescue shelter/adoption agencies. I would also become someone's benefactor (any takers, Lyd?) And I'd travel... A LOT!

I tag: Emily, Brianna&Matt, Leah and Jon

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Dental Delima

It has been a bit too long since I have gone to see the dentist in the past year or so due to lack of insurance, lack of correct insurance and lack of will.

However, I decided to bit the proverbial bullet on Monday and go to the dentist. I called and said they could get me in that afternoon...ok...fine...I'll go.

All went well, said my teeth looked to be in great shape except for a few little worry spots. One of these worry spots seemed to be more worrisome than the others, so they asked that I come in for the dreaded filling...yippee. I was ok with this as it had been quite some time that I'd been to the dentist and I was expecting them to say my mouth was rotting out or something much more serious!

So, I go in for my lovely appointment at around 11 a.m. yesterday. I get called back, they start the numbing stuff then jab the local anesthetic needle in my mouth...Yaowweee! My gums might have been numb in some areas, but not all! says "it needs to set about 5 minutes to take full effect." I get my book and start reading...when all of the sudden. The winds pick up; the rain begins to fall; THE POWER GOES OUT!!!

WHAT! I am sitting here with a half numb mouth and the power goes out? NOT ACCEPTABLE! I wait for AN HOUR talking, with some difficulty, to the hygienists, looking at the rain and reading my book PRAYING the lights will come back no avail.

I have to come back! I HAVE TO COME BACK! I'm sorry...dentists do a good thing for us, but it's not an enjoyable thing and it's not something I want to experience every day this week!

So I make my appointment for the next day (today) and head home with my numb mouth to find the power out at home and a soggy dog that got left out in the rain. Joy. I didn't even get total feeling back in my mouth until around 3:30. Arg!

So, I leave in a bit for Round 3! Please, dental gods, be kind.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Look what I won!!

A few weeks ago I was informed by our friend Shawn that I had one the Wonder Voyage prize pack for a drawing they had. What? How fun!

Shawn started up the Wonder Voyage ministry several years ago with his wife, Cheryl, and God has been doing some crazy, amazing things. He and his staff and family have the opportunity to lead groups of Christian youths and adults on overnight treks, overseas pilgrimages and extraordinary mission trips around the world.

So thank you Shawn, Cheryl and Wonder Voyage for the fun surprise gift.

Beignets for everyone!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Really Lame Photo Shoot

So I was talking to Ryker (my dog) this morning, and he says he wants more pictures of him around the house. I just got one printed yesterday, and I guess it has gone to his head.

Well, I wasn't feeling that artistic, but I wanted to oblige the poor soul, as he didn't feel to well this morning around 4:30!!! -- gotta love that.

So, enjoy the lamest photo shoot ever - staring my awesome dog Ryker.
(please do not let these poor quality photos reduce the cuteness factor of my pupster in your mind!)

We Started with the Cat Walk
- as you can see we had no such success here!
Next, I thought maybe a close-up or more posed position..."What?? You said look into the camera?!"

No! I am too bashful...
Ok, I'll do it...
look at my beautiful white paws and long, slender body...
...and my freakin' long tongue...

And a little wink, wink for you out there...

He's a ham, what can I say...
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Monday, June 02, 2008

It's all in the signs...

Here's a little idea I stole from a friend. A cute way to get to know people without having to really strain your brain by reading. Hope you enjoy and can't wait to see yours!

My name:

My age at my next birthday:

Place I would like to visit:

My favorite thing:

My favorite place:

My favorite food:

My favorite color:

State I live in:

My pet's name:

College major:

First job:

Goal for next year: