Monday, October 27, 2008

Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Ummm...I guess not. I'm not even smarter than a fourth grader!

As I sat in my classroom of 15 or so 4th graders mulling over and over a logic puzzle with no luck. One student suggested, "Don't you have the answer key? You're a teacher, you should have the answer key." Ummm...yeah! Hello....leave a sub out in the cold why don't you.

I hate these things. I've always hated these things. BUT in the final moments before bell ring, I had a breakthrough and me and a few other kids started getting it. So did we redeem ourselves? I hope so.

Next time you're over, I'll have you take a stab at it. So there!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And on the sixth...

A Tag of Sixes (thanks Em)

So, here's the deal:
Open your pictures folder
Go to the SIXTH folder
Go to the SIXTH picture
Publish it to a NEW POST and tell the story of the photo
This photo, besides containing to stunningly beautiful people, is of Joe and me on our honeymoon after we boarded our flight headed to Jamaica! We were married less than 24 hours when we boarded our plane to our island destination.

Our original flight was supposed to leave around 1o or 11 a.m., giving us plenty of time to relax, pack and have a lovely breakfast before we headed out of our beautiful hotel room. HOWEVER...airlines being their stinky selves bumped our flight to 8 a.m. that morning - and mind you a few hours in the morning makes a hell of a difference when you had YOUR OWN WEDDING the night before.

So, we rushed downstairs to check in (how sweet is that), and took what we could of our wedding buffet leftovers and got on the plane. Wedding cake is AWESOME when you are starved! (as well as any other time! =)

So, since we just celebrated our second year of marriage, I will tag two - Lydia and Karen D. - however anyone else is totally welcome!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Anniversary Funness

Last week, Joe and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Can you believe it, because sometimes I can't.

We kept gifting to a minimum, as we both wanted to try out JR's Steak House in Colleyville/Grapevine. By the way -- superb! You need to be willing to spend a bit. But wow! it was great. I totally recommend. love got me some nice red roses for the day. And I just didn't want to stick them in a vase like every other time. So I remembered something I saw while looking for wedding flowers. It incorporates river rocks...making the roses feel a little more 'organic.'
So here's my attempt:
Also, here's a self-portrait of my new hair. Nothing really to write home about. I was looking for a bit more wow-factor, but I don't think I got it. Guess there's always next time...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Meet Carl

This weekend we welcomed a new family member into the O'Brien household.
Carl, an October Glory Red Maple!!!How exciting, I know!!! We've been wanting a tree for a while and I LOVE maples and I love why not a striking red tree for our backyard. After a short/long trip to Lowe's, Joe dug Carl a little home and set him right in.
Planter Joe
Our constant supervisor, Ryker.
Welcome Carl! We love you!
The very first thing we've planted at our new house!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Welcome Baby Carl!

Carl has joined the family! Welcome Baby Carl. More updates coming soon!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Today I'm getting a haircut. I liked my latest haircut...way back in May/June...and I'm thinking of going that route again, perhaps just a little edgier if my hairdresser understands that.

However, I'm up for suggestions if you have any. The big cut is scheduled for 4:30!