Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Critical Review!

It was GREAT!!

Joe and I decided to go on date night yesterday and spend some quality couple time with just each other. We opted for a swanky dinner a the food court and a movie we had both been looking forward to, August Rush. And let me tell you, we were not disappointed.

The movie follows the story of a young orphan who believes his parents are still out there and really do want him. He is led to New York by the music he hears in his heart and all around him -- music he believes is from his parents and will reunite the trio.

As the story progresses, it skips back in time showing us his parents' eventful meeting and the roll music plays in their lives.

August does not have an easy go at it in New York, but continues his quest with help and hindrance from many colorful characters.

One of my favorite lines in the film is the kind reverend who oversees a shelter where August stayed. He is talking to a young friend of August, reassuring her that he is in fact safe, wherever he is. He says (paraphrasing) -- "August is with his father, and we have to trust that his father will do what is right for him because he loves him." It is an interesting line in the context of the film, because it seems the reverend is not talking about August's "father," but rather our Holy Father, and that he does want the best for us and will always do what is best for us, even if we can't quite see it right now.

Music also plays a powerful role in the film. Beautiful voices, classical instruments, guitar playing like I've never seen (thanks to a new talent, Kaki King). The diverse compilation makes your spirits soar!

So to sum it up, go see it, I think you'll really enjoy it!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Who's ready for a bit of JOY this holiday season!?

I am! As part of our holiday festivities, we'll be spending an evening at the symphony listening to the sounds of Christmas this December. We are so lucky to get to do so many fun things this Christmas season...
- Spending time with family! (always awesome!)
- Work Christmas parties (alway fun, but very much awkward)
- Silly Addison theatre with the O'Briens
- And this year, the symphony.

As a band nerd, there is always something thrilling about going to a concert with extremely talented musicians. It gets your blood rushing, your feet tapping, and your spirits soring!

So Happy Holidays everyone! Let the Christmas tunes flow!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Homecoming Memories

So a few weeks ago, it was Baylor's homecoming...and this year we actually decided to go! We got to see several old friends, met some friends of friends, and overall, had a great time and made some more Baylor memories. The day of course included a trip to the Baylor Bookstore where we got our cool new hats, Fazolli's, Ninfa's and Common Grounds for an awesome caramel-laden Milky Way!!!!!

I really love my school and the people there (even if our football team can't win against a big team to save their lives). It is a hard task to find friends as great as our Baylor friends. And for all of those that we missed getting a chance to say hi to...I'm SO SORRY...and...Hello! =D

So here's a few pics from our day that started at 6:45 with 5 of us in my sister's car...(things I should have gotten a picture of!)

View from our great seats!

Our awesome friends Scott and Angela!

What a cute little Baylor couple!
The crew:
Joe, Leanna, Mollie,
Jennifer and Jamie (with his tv to watch the LSU game!)
Jamie and Jennifer
(and two of the best drinks to come out of Waco, TX!)
All I love about Milky Ways AND Joe!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sew, the craft bug has kicked in...

Ok, if you went to Baylor, or pretty much any college, I am sure you have a collection of t-shirts with wonderful memories you hold dear and you keep wearing because you want to stay young forever, but if you keep washing, your memories begin to fade!

So, I have taken on a project to preserve my beloved Baylor/APO memories, and have begun the construction of a "T-shirt Blanket." I've cut out my beloved t-shirts into blocks and I am now about to start the sorting process to come up with the most ascetically pleasing arrangement.

Karen has also so very nicely loaned me the use of her sewing machine, so hopefully with added help from my bestest pal Lydia, I will begin to construct my masterpiece!!!

Now, I do have another dilemma attached to the making of the t-shirt quilt. Do I cut up ALL the shirts I have??? I mean some I still really love to wear. Do I have to kill those too in order to preserve them? Or can I keep them whole and perhaps pass them along to my kids for retro day at school???