Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Trick-or-Treating We Will Go

I posted a little bit about O's first real trick or treat expedition over on the O'Baby Blog, but I wanted to share this little bit of video too!

I know he's my kid so that influences me on the cuteness factor, but seriously, this kid is cute. All dress up in his puppy-with-no-puppy-ears-because-I-won't-wear-them costume and his big blue eyes just make me melt!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Anniversary Trip to San Francisco!

This October I did two things I've never done before.
1. I visited California
2. Joe and I left the O'Bear!

Joe and I took a 3night/4day trip to San Francisco to celebrate our fifth year of marriage.

We had a great time. though I think this was the first vacation I can remember popping more pain pills than anything else. We walked EVERYWHERE!! And, little known fact, did you know there are hills in SF? They do, and not just small majestic hills. These are eat your lunch and kill your knees type of hills. But we walked them!!

The big city was kind of a shock for me since I haven't done that in a while (I know I live in Dallas, but it's the burbs!) But we had lots of fun. We rode the trolley, strolled the peirs...all 39+ of them, visited Alcatraz, walked the Golden Gate Bridge. We also visited a small town on the other side of the bay, Sausalito, and had a fun time just poking around there.

Alcatraz was neat, just because we've heard so much about it. It is crazy how close it feels to the main land, and as we learned on the tour, that was one of the hardest parts for prisoners. They said they could especially hear the laughter and partying by the yacht clubs on New Years and such. A lot of it has started to crumble, but it was neat and a little eerie to see that part of history.
On the home front, O stayed with his Grandparents' O'Brien and had a blast! I think the kid cried for 2 minutes and didn't slow down the whole time! Makes my heart happy knowing he's well taken care of and having fun. And wow, he's growing up!

So, not quite what I had thought of for my first trip to California, but it was special and fun a the same time! Thanks, Joe, for some great, though pain-filled, memories!