Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lace, Laughs and Cheesecake!

This weekend we had tons of fun -- as we are less than three weeks away from the big day, we had a blitzkrieg shower weekend.

It all started in Fort Worth at Joe's Aunt Nancy's at a shower hosted by Nancy, her daughter Julie and my Grandma BG. We had fun, talked, shared insightful wisdom and just enjoyed each other's company. I got all sorts of fun gifts including our pots and pans set from Joe's family and some really nifty hand-painted coasters from Lydia. She's so crafty!!

So then we went on from there to Irving, where I live, for a night of girly fun. We started at Mi Cocina and had some good Mexican food and margaritas. The mothers even came and we had lots of fun. I even had a sparkly veil and a "bride to be" shash to wear proudly -- thanks to Angela.

We then progressed to Joe's sister's house where we indulged in desserts, opened gifts that came in little pink boxes and some that are just fun to pamper oneself with. The highlight was the "homemade lingerie" contest. Now that was a hoot! Who knew ribbons and cotton balls could be so fun!

Girls, thanks for all the laughs and the memories. I am so glad I have so many wonderful friends!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Revenge of the Wedding Vendors

Now we all know planning a wedding can be stressful, but not everyone knows why. Those of you that haven't had to plan or be involved in an affair of this kind for a while or for those of you who have no clue, let me open a window for you so that you may glimpse my most recent stressor.


Yes, that's right, the wedding vendor.

We have been planning this wedding since about last December and were fortunate to line up a good list of vendors fairly quickly. We had met with all of them, and all seemed pleasant and well...until about a month before your wedding when they want their money for unperformed duties. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand the business side of needing your money to complete a task.

Take today -- I was berated by the florist who ever so graciously met with us Sunday after trying to get a hold of her on three separate occasions. In a lovely voicemail, she ever so subtly accused me of withholding payment, trying to skimp her, being negligent and I'm sure something else.

So then when I called the florist shop to straighten it out, I was told they were all in a huff because they called yesterday and couldn't get a hold of anyone. I then explained to her that I work later than most and had a meeting and didn't have an opportunity to call until they were already closed. I then informed her that YES, we are still paying the remainder and paying in full and we would have everything decided Thursday, after meeting with the wedding coordinator from the church.

This still wasn't good enough. Because of terrorists, if we didn't get our order in pronto, and we are counting minutes here (she said), that bad things could happen.

So, my mother called and paid the remaining sum and here's hoping the terrorists will refrain from hijacking the plane with my wedding flowers. I mean really! If they like them that much, they can just stop by after the wedding and take some home. It's ok, really!....

Hope you enjoyed the view!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A stamp of our very own...

As a fun commemoration of our one-month pre-anniversary, we received our fun address stamp that I referenced below. It says "The O'Briens!" How fun is that I ask.

So, keep an eye out for enchanted envelopes coming to a mailbox near you in the months ahead!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Avoiding controversy

Avoiding controversy for the time being...I thought I would post about all of these senior living communities for 55+ popping up all over the United States. At my new job, we have three completely different senior living communities that we have done work for. Some communities are houses, some are apartments and some are condos -- all offering specialty features like resort-style dining, fitness centers, theatres and business centers. It sounds like a blast, but many still have high costs.

Although we are a few decades away from this decision, what do you think. Would you want to live in a senior living community with all of your grey-haired homies? Or would you rather live out your days in your lovely house you've had for 60 years? It also depends on the level of care you need, where your family is and how much money you have.

I think I would love to start an "Old Bears Out to Pasture" community where we can have all of our fun Baylor friends and family come. We can hop on buses for Homecoming, sing the "The Good Ol' Baylor Line" each evening, and just enjoy good fellowship again.

What do you think?