Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Honest Scraps

So my friend, Emily, tagged me with Honest Scraps...sharing 10 real things about myself to my little blogging community. So here I go:

1. I enjoy reading teen fiction a bit too much. I have read the whole Twilight series, Harry Potter and so on...and sadly, I really like them better than most adult fiction. Although, I must admit, I really like the Sookie Stackhouse series (but NOT TrueBlood on tv).

2. I still don't have a baby name to share with you. Please come up with another question. I really will let you know when we know. So just chill and know that we will not let the child be NoName O'Brien. Ok?

3. I have major issues with people who breath too loud or snarffle or snort. I really, really have to control myself, especially with strangers. However, I've told my family way too often I'm sure that they're breathing too loud! Sorry...I do try!

4. I think my puppy is the cutest puppy in the whole entire world. Really. I just find him fascinating. (Yes, he makes me upset, sad, enraged too, but on the whole, I love'em!)

5. I have way too many dreams set in high school and that include band still. I have no idea what this says about our school system that can still haunt a person 10 years later...

6. I have never been on a cruise. I was supposed to go this year with my bud Lydia and her hubby. However, we both wound up pregnant...I am sad about this, but know I will make it on a big boat one day.

7. I have the dream of starting a retirement community for Old Bears -- where our Baylor Buddies and those that pass our rigorous scrutiny can retire. We will all have front porches that face the west, complete with rockers. We will fellowship together and enjoy good, loving friendships!

8. Sewing has become a fun hobby for me. However, I have acquired quite the fabric stash. It's a little crazy, but I try very hard to keep it under control.

9. I have to laugh that my hubby has become quite the grower of our family. I used to plant flowers when I was little, but really could care less right now. However, Joe is just crazy about growing things. I'm glad one of us keeps our outside looking perty! (although I did plan out the new flower beds!)

10. I am so excited to become a parent in less than two months. Holy Crap! However, I am scared of the giant change it will bring to our little family. So please pray for us in this crazy time!

So to pass the torch along, I tag:

Let me know if you decide to play!

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Ha! I have captured the snoozing, pillow-hog of a puppy in his natural habitat! Enjoy!

Silly Puppy

Aside from the continued stress of trying to raise up our puppy in the way he should go, he's also a super cute little dude.

Have I mentioned how much this little guys LOVES his pillows? Seriously, I don't think I have seen a fuzzy creature seek out, hone in on, gravitate toward pillows or piles as much as this dog. And who's to argue with him? Who doesn't love a pillow?

I love seeing him curled up with his chin lifted off by the pillow and snuggled in for a good nap. The goober also always seems to have his head raised, either on the side of his favorite chair or propped up on the edge of the coffee table, our shoe or something of the sort.

Is this a form of readiness? So he can hear all that is going around him? Or is this just another classic dose of Ryker-cuteness? Well, whatever it is, it makes me smile! =)
I know he's not on a pillow here, I don't have one on this computer, but it's still stinkin' cute!