Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trip to the Golden Triangle

So last weekend, we went down to Nederland for my friend Dina's baby shower. She and her hubby are expecting their first kiddo this September.

Miss Kylee Trinity-Danell was celebrated in style on Sunday by her family and friends. Here are a few pics from the day.

Joe and I had a fun time too going down there (minus the bad motorcycle incident) and just hanging out! We met my parents in Houston, went down a stretch of I-10 I haven't been in forever and was given the warning of "look out for hogs on your way in." Ahhh, nothing says "home" like a warning for some perty redneck stuff... We ate at La Suprema and I was happy. We also made a trek to Beaumont and hit up the mall because I left our nice clothes sitting on the couch (you try getting everything ready and corralling your dog at the same time!)

Anywhoo, it was a fun trip had by all! Thanks Bordelons and Adams for hosting us! We really enjoyed our non-air matress! =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Public Service Announcement



On our trek to the Golden Triangle this weekend, Joe and I got to be involved in something we would have preferred never to have been involved in. We stopped and aided in an accident we witnessed.

While making our way through Huntsville, I noted three bikers joined us on the highway, mainly because they had cup holders! How awesome is that.

Some time right after we passed the MASSIVE Sam Houston statue on 45, Joe said something to the effect of OH NO! I looked up and saw people flying either way across the highway in front of us and immediately grabbed the phone and dialed 911 as Joe pulled to the shoulder.

Two bikers went down and somehow made it to the side of the road without getting run over.

There was a board in the road that someone had dropped. The first biker, their dad, was unable to miss it and it flung up behind him hitting his two boys, the other bikers. Both lost control of their bikes and slid across the pavement IN FRONT OF US as we are all traveling 70mph!

One was pretty banged up and one was majorly banged up, all were shaken up, including the SEVERAL people who stopped. If they had NOT had helmets on, I think I would be telling you a different tale, but they did and we were able to quickly get them assistance.

So PLEASE, PLEASE tell your friends and family to wear a helmet when they ride. It really can and will save their lives.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Everyone Needs a Little WT...


Well, maybe you don't need it, but it does seem to creep in every once in a while.

We had a fantastic weekend! My parents rode into town for 4th festivities and more wedding activities.

Thursday we took Jennifer's bridal pics, and what a marathon that was with hair and makeup, flowers and photos. I was one tuckered kiddo, and it wasn't even about me. I chalk it up to ME being the one running around getting, positioning, snapping and so on. I was a bit bummed with my own photos I took. Jenni's photographer is fast and has a super huge lens. I am not and I do not. Enough said. Oh well...practice, practice, practice.

Friday was an excellent day spent with the hubster and the pupster. We just had fun, and got things done around the house. THEN it was time for Kaboom Town in Addison! I LOVE IT!

Usually, we set up shop in Joe's parents' office overlooking the Addison Airport, but this year, they changed office locations to the side of the building, so no more straight shot. Instead, we set up camp in the back of our pickup. Chips, dip, sandwiches, cake, brownies, beer, cokes, trash, blankets, purses, chairs, dog, family --- ALL IN THE BACK OF OUR TRUCK at some point in time. See where the WT comes in??? Oh, but it was fun.

And as we were eagerly anticipating the start of the show, staring at our watches, commenting, "Yep, it's 9:30, they should be about to start..." SPLOOOOUUUSSHHHHH!!!!


The office sprinklers set off, dousing everyone down the edge of the parking area. Food gets wet, people get wet, chairs get wet, dog gets wet, guitar and music get wet. Do you see a theme here? Sadly, our camp got separated with half in the back of the truck and half further into the empty, weedy field. Oh, but the fireworks were great and we did have a fun time.

The 4th we did in style with a pool party and grilling topped off with the city fireworks viewed from our neighborhood sidewalk.

Man, I love this holiday! Freedom is precious and fireworks are awesome!