Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This weekend is my dad's 60th birthday!

He was born on November 1st - All Saints' Day.

Yes, I too get a great, wonderful laugh out of that little fact each and every year! Ha!

Happy Birthday Daddio!
We love you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Road Crossing Anxiety

Let's face it. I am a bit of a jay walker. I think designated crossings are for sissies.

But after seeing this article, about some Canadian 'deer,' I may be mending my ways. I WILL be looking at ALL angles before stepping out in fear of coming face to face with one of these mutant cousins of Bambi!
And that's all I have to say about that! You've been warned.

Monday Musings

Fill in the Blank Fun:

Found this and thought it was pretty amusing, so here you go!

  1. If I was on a first date with someone and s/he ordered a sparkling water or something completely off the menu with thirty nine substitutions because he's allergic, I would probably end the date early.
  2. When I’m sick I really want someone to make sure I have tissues, medicine and a book, then turn the lights off and leave me alone to die.
  3. I know that some people really love collecting figurines, but I don’t understand how they spend so much money on it.
  4. I know that some people think I’m crazy for spending so much money on stationery and paper products, but I really love them.
  5. I’m so glad that I’ve outgrown plaid shirts and bad short haircuts since high school.
  6. I am living proof that the stereotype about Baptists isn’t always accurate.
  7. I know that it is a made-up word; but frelling! is a permanent part of my vocabulary.
  8. I can’t wait for Roomie Reunion '09 next week!
  9. The most common misconception about me is that I am the 'quiet one.'
  10. I wish I wouldn’t wimp out on things, but sometimes I just can’t stop myself.
  11. If I never heard the word (or phrase) John and Kate again, it would still be too soon.
  12. I have a hidden talent for having the uncanny ability to know where other people left their things, but NOT my own that no one would ever expect of me.
  13. I am not a fan of extraordinary rendition; but if it were to take place for crimes against ridiculously priced items that only ensue wanting then Pottery Barn execs should be the first person(s) on the plane to Guantanamo.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

NNO and the Return of Boxer Lady

So last night was National Night Out..and being 'good neighbors', we had to participate. This is an event for neighbors to meet each other and to kick crime out by knowing your neighbors and your surroundings.

We headed out a bit late because Joe was finally able to prepare the flower beds for his EIGHT new blueberry plants. In the meantime, he was chastised several times for not making an appearance yet! (You see, we are on the end of the alley on the end of the street where the event was being held.) But we did make it out with the pupster and met a few of our neighbors we knew and a few we didn't, including several of Ryker's neighborhood barking buddies.

As the evening was winding down, I saw a reddish dog come running along without his person. I had put up Ryker a few minutes before, because it was just getting too much for him. So, of course I was thinking this is our Houdini dog...

It wasn't, it was our neighbors from behind. She went to go sniff out a little white dog...and happened. Barking, growling, biting, yelping, crying...ugh. Big Red tried to take down little white dog.

And the first one on the scene to give her two bits, yep, Boxer Lady. After talking with Big Red's owner later, it seems Boxer Lady offered her services to the little white dog's person as an eye witness to the aggressive attack. Even to go so far as to give up her own terrifying account pointing to us, as Joe tells me later.

REALLY??? Really? Why do some people always have to be up in your business when unpleasant things happen? Why do they want to continue the unpleasantness? Why not offer your assistance, see if the dogs are ok and go from there? Why is it always a jump to, "Don't worry, we'll make them pay for being horrible human beings?"

After talking with Joe later, I had to calm myself down and just remember that God charges us to love all people. Even less-than-loving neighbors.

But this National Night Out did end on a high note. We did meet a good chunk of our neighbors. We did get to see a bike cop motorcycle and fire engine up close. But the best was when one of our neighbors asked the cop to go knock on her door and interrogate her 16-yr-old about driving with too many people in the car. Oh, it was so mean, but wow, what an awesome prank. And by your own mom! Priceless!

Thursday, October 01, 2009


For the past several years holidays have been getting funnier and funnier. And not always in a good way.

Is there a reason we need to start stocking up on our Halloween decorations in August? I get the Christmas in July concept, but not actual Christmas in July.

And don't even get my started on people combining things, watering down things or just tossing things out all together because they are no longer P.C.

So when I saw this card the other day in my inbox, I just had to laugh.
Merry Everything!


Well, there you go folks...Merry Everything...from your friends, The O...oh, who cares...