Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh Christmas Time, Oh Christmas Time...

In an effort to appease relatives and friends, I have decided to post my Christmas list! If you have any suggestions, snarky comments, or donations, please feel free...

Here's a few things I've found off of Amazon's site, and since they have this nifty wish list feature, why not.

As for other stuff, here's a few items I've thought of and probably will continue to add to.
Leanna's Wish List:
- Warm athletic pants so I won't freeze my butt off when we go on walks
- Fun ski/wool cap
- Garage door openers
- A pretty piece of jewelery for my sister!!
- Cool thick leather band watch - fossil has a few
- Assistance in installing under-counter lights and fixing the middle bedroom's plaster issues
- iTunes gift card
- Fun scarf from Ann Taylor Loft - I really like the purple - or Target
- Tangerine Salon gift cards
- Other gift cards
- Tamales!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Music

In my quest to expand my horizons or at lest get out of musical ruts, I try to find new things.

I remembered this random movie, "Once," that one the Academy Award last year for best song, "Falling Slowly." So, when we were at the new video store the other night, that is MUCH cheaper and nicer than blockbuster, we rented it.

It was very interesting and sometimes you had to work to follow it, because One: it's an Irishman and a Czech woman - accents abounding. Two: it's an indie, so there's a bit of weird camera angles...but other than that it was a really interesting and sweet film filled with great music.

Which led me to find out more about the lead actor/singer guy. Turns out he's the lead for the Irish band, The Frames, which has a great folksy-alternative-rock sound. I LOVE IT! And they also have a great here is a bit of music for your listening and learning pleasure. Check it out!

ALSO< keep up the posting on the vacuums ppl! I need to know!

Monday, November 17, 2008

This sucks...

This sucks...and I do NOT mean literally.
I have a hate-hate relationship going with my vacuum. It is a little guy that never really had much get-up-and-go, but with the addition of very fuzzy carpet, a dog and just plain hard flooring, this guy does NOT cut it!

I need a new vacuum as sad as that is to say and have to spend money on something I don't even like doing. So, I'm wondering, do any of you out there have a vacuum that you like that didn't cost a fortune and actually WORKS?

Hoover dude, your days are numbered!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Weekends Abound!

We started on our parental birthday-polooza last weekend. You see, My dad's is the 1st, then 8 days later is Joe's dad, then 8 days later is Joe's mom.

So this year, we switched and celebrated Jim's on the 1st as we were in town for our church's annual Water is Basic Run (a GREAT cause if your church/group/whatever is looking to give.)
We had a great meal at Pappasito's with very poor and strange service and followed it up with a movie watching of The Express. This was a great film about football and adversity, but more than that, pursuing what God put in you to do and to wholly.

In the insuing week period that we must all suffer through to get to the next weekend, we had a few bumps. Ryker the wonder dog, who finds no man, woman or dog a stranger, decided to dart away from me as we were going to the car and greet an on-coming walker. Now, Ryker being the speed demon that he is, doesn't just trot up to said walker and dog...he RUNS as fast as he can startling walker and 95lb boxer who does NOT like Ryker. Tussle insues and lady decides to tell me all about what a depraved and horrible human being I am, as well as Ryker.

Me not one to enjoy a good barating, appologizes and slings Ryker into the car and drives off shaking! I finally pull over and check Ryker to make sure he's ok where I find his neck thoroughly wet, but nothing else. MEANWILE, lovely neighbor lady storms into backyard where Joe is working and begins again on her tirade agaist dog and owner saying her dog is bleeding and he can't defend himself because he was on a leash....on and on...

UGH! Ok, let me get a few things straight. I think this is NOT good that her dog is bleeding. I feel horrible when I hear this, but her dog is more than 2 times the size of mine and has bulldog jaws that could snap his neck in a matter of seconds. Her defense that the boxer couldn't defend himself because he was on a leash is null since Ryker's neck was wet - he just has more hair thankfully! We apologized several times, offered to pay for anything and so on.

I guess the problem I had was that she attacked ME for an animal acting to defend itself. She made me feel like a horrible person who has no regard for anyone else and doesn't try to be a good pet parent, when all I've ever done with any neighbor is say hi and try to be nice and raise a good, friendly dog. Really just made me want to move right then, and I still feel this way. I am sad.

(I may take most of this down later, but I just needed to rant right now...I'm sure I could tell you more, but it still makes me sad.)

THEN ON FRIDAY...I scooped up Joe from work and headed to Kingwood to visit the folks for my dad's delayed birthday. Jennifer and Jamie were also in town for Jamie's 14th wedding he's participated in, so we had a LOT of fun together. We really had a great time and I greatly appreciated the time I got to spend with my parents.

HOWEVER, on the way home, ughhh...
We were driving for about an hour and a half when all of the sudden I saw this THING coming...a 3 INCH diameter rock or something like it. Like a flash, Joe and I had our arms over our head when a big BOOOMMMMM struck the windshield (mind you we're traveling at about 70 mph).
And now we have a LARGE 5 in diameter ripple-effect crack with about an 18 in arch on the last ripple extending across the windshield.
There were no big trucks, there was no one slinging mud or hauling anything. It was a fluke and now we have to shell out to get a new windshield.

Can't wait to see what this week holds and then we'll get to wish Holly a happy birthday.

Moral of this post: Watch your dog, be kind to your neighbors and remember they have feelings too, and AVOID LARGE SWIFT-MOVING ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

nap time

You know life is good when you can curl up in a warm space after a long walk and sleep so hard your tongue sticks out. This is how I found my puppy after a bit of Internet research this morning.

I like my puppy. He makes me happy.

Sleep on, little one!