Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Day the Earth Stood Still

It started out so simple. An ordinary action. An ordinary action that soon began spiraling into chaos and tears.

A sync. An update. An iPhone.


Then despair struck. Something went wrong. Something decided to attempt to kill my poor phone and rob me of the precious memories of my little family and friends. EVIL!!!
I panicked. I began searching Google. Nothing could point me to another way than the dreaded "Restore." Restore -- to return to factory settings, meanwhile deleting all media, pictures and video. Noooo!

I called my brother-in-law, Jamie, on Google Chat. He'd know what to do right?? I told him all I knew and all I saw. He sounded doubtful, but he emailed his tech guru, Zach. Zach emailed quickly with the dreaded answer, the only thing to do was "Restore."

Depression set in. I'd have to do it. I'd lose all my cute Owie videos. My happy memories on the fly. Gone! GONE!

I sucked it up. Put on my big girl pants, and clicked the "Are you Sure" button.

Several minutes later, my phone returned. But wait, it returned with everything on it!

Just another small miracle helping us remember there is a God!

So, what have we learned. BACK UP! BACK UP! BACK UP!! And pray. And that apple, along with every other electronics maker can suck too!

Friday, April 15, 2011

What the Hail?

Seriously, what the hail??

Last night was crazy. We didn't even know anything was rolling into town before the low, super-sonic thunder started rumbling. So, we turn on the weather and see a squall line is moving in and it should be a quick shower over in about 15 minutes.

And here it comes...the rain came. The lightening started flashing, and the loudest, scariest thunder started sounding. Poor Owie awoke with a cry, so I went in to get him and that's when the hail started.

It was CRAZY!! I had NEVER heard it that loud. I do NOT like hail. I started freaking out for poor Rufus, our trusty Civic. He does not like the elements, but the garage was a little full. We were just going to let him be, but it was getting worse...and that's when we heard the window break.

The stinkin' hail broke a window!!!! WHAA???
So, Joe rushed in the garage and started making room, I went to help and Owen got to see one heck of a storm. When I raised the garage door for Joe to bring Rufus around, Owen could hardly believe his little eyes and ears; it was pretty cute!

We waited it out to put Owen back to bed, about 45 mins in total, playing Peek-a-boo and such. Feed him, put him back down, and listened to him babble for a bit.

What a night.

So far all I've found are the broken window and several dings on Rufus. I DO NOT like this side of DFW.

You can take your hail and shove it!
Your biggest non-fan,