Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Evening with the Croods

It all started with a groupon to Studio Movie Grill.

They run a great deal so often for a $5 ticket that includes a soda. SOLD!

Joe and I enjoy the occasional date night there, because we can enjoy a movie and dinner without running ourselves ragged trying to make a movie in time or not stay out too long for those watching the O'Bear.

I realized our tickets were about to expire, and we were either booked or didn't quite have childcare lined up. No date night for us. So, I started asking friends and family. Seems EVERYONE is busy being responsible....NO TAKERS.

That's when Joe had the great idea, let's take Owen. If we're going to have to let them go, might as well make an experiment out of it. They were playing the movie The Croods at 6:30 last night -- PERFECT. And as it happens, Tuesday is Ladies Night for $5. Woohoo.

We ordered a burger and chicken to split, broke out the fruit snacks while we waited and settled in.


O did a great job of staying in his seat, staying relatively quiet, and eating his dinner.

The movie was hysterical...I loved all the imaginative primitive creatures and funny jokes they added in. And amazingly it wasn't much of a mind-stretch to consider Nick Cage as a caveman! ;)

I am so excited we have a new family entertainment option. I loved spending the evening with my two favorite movie-goers.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

What Happened to March?

Well, it appears March happened.

How did a whole month roll past that quickly. March was a great month though. You ask, "How great??"

I got a whole new title...AUNT. I'd say that's pretty great.

My beautiful niece Madelyn arrived on March 19th after her mother and father served her an eviction notice. She had stayed over her 40 weeks with mommy and we were all so ready to meet her and love her. It was a long day for the Colvin family, but I'd say they are pretty happy with the outcome. My beautiful niece!

We also had some pretty fab birthdays to celebrate. Two of my favorite people. My wonderful hubby Joe was celebrated with BBQ and friends and a weekend of baseball fun and family.
And my bestie Lydia was sent a care-package of fun and well wishes. I love birthdays! I love celebrating the ones we love and giving them a special day (week, month, whatever). (We can just start leaving off the years!)

We had a happy fun Easter with our O'Brien family. We did a fun Easter event on Saturday with Owen up at the church, complete with egg hunt (in plain sight), carnival games, bounce houses, clowns and learning about Jesus. There are some things I wish our church did differently, but the way we love our community makes me so proud all the time!! We also enjoyed a wonderful, joyful, worshipful Easter service at church. Our takeaway -- Don't look for it where it ain't! It's not going to be there. (Check out great sermons here!)

Owen was treated to a special delivery from the Easter Bunny, an egg hunt for him and his great-aunt Jill, and a fun time with family. went by like a blur, but you were a blast. April, what cha got?