Friday, May 13, 2011

Leader of the Pack

Last night after supper, we loaded up the kiddos and went to a nearby dog park. Owen, Ryker and I had found it earlier on a ride around town after Mr O decided he didn't need a nap. (I'm sure he'll deny it if you bring it up, but some two-legged bud
dy DID take a nap on the drive.)

When we got to the dog park, the sign said kids 9 and up allowed inside. I guess this makes sense, some of these big dogs might see Owen as a treat, and I'm sure they don't want me going Mama Bear on a dog going after my son. So, Joe and Owen out, Leanna and Ryker in.

Ryker is a funny dog. He gets soooo amped up when other dogs are around when we're inside or on a walk. However, when we get to the dog park, he kinda trots around, but mostly stays away from other dogs. He has issues...we know that.

But he loved it. He loved running around. He loved, ahem, marking everything. He loved being a dog. But, what's a dog to do when there ARE so many other dogs around? Show you're the big man on campus, of course.

Ryker, my 40lb, medium build, mystery-breed dog find the biggest, baddest male Doberman Pinscher to try and dominate. Thankfully, Mr Doby was not as bad as he looked and just growled and snapped. Oh, Ryker, you're such a nerd.

Meanwhile, back on the other side of the fence, Owen was having a blast!!

Joe and Owen were walking around on the perimeter of the park talking to all the dogs that came to check them out. O would squeal and try and pet the puppies through the fence. Daddy however was looking out and made sure all were safe. Though, O did get his arm through to pet the poofy little American Eskimo, and couldn't have been happier.

Oh, what a good day when you bring home both you're boys and they are both happy and exhausted -- a day well lived!

(an old pic, but shows my buddies together!)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Belated Star Wars Day

I forgot to put this on the blog last week, but it still makes me smile. Without further ado...

Happy Star Wars Day!
May the 4th be With You!
artwork by handz