Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fresh Look from Fresh Produce

Doesn't it seem like your social calender kicks into high gear when it starts warming up? We've had showers, birthdays, weddings, and plain 'ol good times the last few months. But what I was lacking was a fun new spring or summer dress.

Luckily, some friends at Fresh Produce Clothes, a maker of made-in-the-USA comfortable clothing known for its original prints, vibrant color and style, hooked me up. I was able to try out their Fiji Impromptu Dress in Cool Breeze (seen below in truffle).
And let me tell you, I really loved it. The dress is an unusual cut, with tapered sides longer than the front and back. It also had wide straps, so I didn't have to find any uncomfortable "fancy" undergarments. I got a large, and it fit perfectly in the bust (which I have plenty to go around, unfortunately), so it was a bit fuller in the body. But, with the style, I think it still worked out quite well. I went out on the town to celebrate Joe's sister's b-day at the hoity-toity Galleria here in Dallas, and I felt perfectly cool and at ease in my comfy, funky cotton dress.

So if you're searching for something new and different for your next occasion, vacation or just around town, check out Fresh Produce!

Here's a quick link to their super cute sun dresses where I found mine - Sun Dresses.  I am also in love with this Natcho Dress - just screams summer to me.

Or if you just want something a bit more "caj," check out these styles here - Casual Clothes. Super cute tank, anyone?

Thanks again, Fresh Produce, for setting my summer off in style!

::Note::  I saw two retail stores for Fresh Produce during my recent vacation to South Carolina! Maybe they'll make it to Texas soon!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is Your Computer a Tool?

Do you view your computer as a tool? Is it just something you use for fun?

I've been paying a lot more bills online lately. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Everyone always talks about the ease of online bill pay. On one hand, I totally get this. One click and your giant credit card is paid in full. On the other hand, ohhhhh the passwords. On the other foot, the dilemma of privacy and hijacked accounts.I have a system to keep all my passwords in check. This is a great help, except for when I forget to write them down, or I forget how to access my help, or I enter it in and the system locks me out. I have also FORGOTTEN to pay bills because I signed up for the 'environmentally friendly' no paper statements and I get one, it gets lost in my emails, I forget to pay, and then I get a late fee.

So, do you view your computer as a tool to help organize your financial matters, or just another THING that makes life complicated?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Vacationing we will go.

In the next few week our family will be taking a well deserved vacation to Kiawah Island outside of Charleston, SC. I cannot wait.

Being a mom to a little one is stressful. Being a dad to a little one is stressful. Working is stressful. School is stressful. Driving in DFW is super stressful. Being stressed is stressful.

So guess what? I am ready to be stress-free. Me, the sun, some sand, lots of laughs, a little history.


If you have ever been to the Charleston area and have any ideas or thoughts on where to go and what to see and eat, let's hear them!

Happy Summer!