Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fun Friends

Well, one of my favorite things out of those formative years at Baylor University were the wonderful friends I made. And some of those very best friends, in addition to my soon-to-be husband, were my roomies!

Each year afterwards we have had "Roomie Reunion." Just a nice weekend out of the summer where we take a break from our crazy grown-up lives and play, eat, sleep, tell funny stories, and usually end up dying cutting or styling someone's hair.

I so enjoy this time of fun and fellowship and I really appreciate the wonderful bonds of female friendship that we have forged. God has truly blessed me with these wonderful people. But it is sad that we all live so scattered now and that it almost takes an act of Congress to get everyone together in one place! But...try as we must...and try we will again this year.

Where to girls?

Oh, AND another favorite thing about "Roomie Reunion" are the t-shirts. You can't call us Baylor kids if w don't make a t-shirt! Sheesh! Last year was great, but we gotta step it up this year girls! Beaddazzler anyone??

Can't wait! And...I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jamaica Baby!

Yea! I think one of the best things about this whole marriage deal is the honeymoon! A trip with your sweetie! What could be better?

Well, Joe and I have decided to go to Jamaica. An all-inclusive resort in the sun. We will sit on the beach (and turn beautifully bronzed I am sure) drink mai-tais or something and enjoy a beautiful sunset. I just can't wait!

As for everything else in life...I keep telling myself, the honeymoon is only six months away. Looking for job prospects in the DFW if you see/hear/smell anything...give a shout-out!

Now...let us all get back to our busy days with happy thoughts of tropical sunsets!