Friday, July 21, 2006

So you had a bad day....

A fitting song for a not so great Friday. I thought it was unneeded irony when they played the "So you had a bad day" song whenever anyone got booted off American Idol, but sometimes you just need a theme song. And today it seems to be mine.

It all started with FINALLY getting our Internet at home to work after 3 days or so, I thought we were on an upswing. So then I went and took a hasty shower...already running late...grabbed my spiffy new pants to iron them, and they had TWO BLACK SPOTS on the cuff! Sure why not. So I went and pulled another pair of pants that also needed ironing (ill effects of moving!), and as I turned them over to get the other side...MYSTERY SPOTS! You have got to be kidding me. So then I go and find other pants...super wrinkled, but no, I'll wear a dress. But wait will this go over with my new brand of clients, so I choose a more conservative dress and sweater in the 105 degree heat.

So go to work and get there on time...will things be better. Um, first big boo boos for a client. That made me angry and so the day has continued in a downward slump. This is when I could totally use Adam Sandler's remote control to fast forward the rest of this day.

Oh if only 5:30 would come sooner so I can start my 20 minute traffic commute. I need a nap!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Let the Moving commence...

Alrighty! As of Yesterday, Joe and I have a new place. I will be moving into our new apartment at the Vistas at Hackberry Creek in Las Colinas on Saturday with the help of our families.

Apartment hunting was a strenuous task. Lots of apartments or town homes, either for too much, too ghetto, not ready in time or too far away. So when we found our future home, it was definitely a God thing on how everything worked out--location, price and everything else.

I am very excited! A new home! I am not excited, however, about the packing. I loathe packing!

But I am excited that this will now be the Joe and Leanna home in 3 short months. The funny thing is that we are already "married" as far as our lease goes, so we only had to pay one deposit. I found this very funny when the flamboyant lease assistant asked us, 1.) if we were married, "no" says us, 2.) if we were living together, "no" says us. 3.) well just say you are one really cares...

Ha! I am glad marriage is held in such high esteem, especially by our apartment office! =)

So now begins the laborious chores of hooking up and switching over all of our utilities, internet, cable. Blah!

BUT as of Saturday the 8th of July I will be a DFW resident! Feel free to stop on by and say hello if you are in the area, I am sure I'll have boxes for a while. But who doesn't!

ps. and Karen, we're going to have a red wall too! We get two free accent walls, and we'll have a red dining room! =)