Monday, May 26, 2008

It's hard to be a pupster...

Some of you may have heard the silly song Joe and I sing to our dog Ryker. We stole it from one of the all-time best cult movies, Office Space, where their song, "It's Hard to be a Gangster" is heard as the nerdy Indian guy and white guys start their covert operation to take down the man.

Our ballad of Ryker was very much apt this last Saturday as we took him on is first boating ride. As we have just started stepping up our car-riding skills (i.e. - not barfing every time), I wasn't sure how the boat ride was going to go. Very scared at first, having to be cradled and carried aboard the speed boat, he quickly sat right at my heels and didn't move.

As we decided it was snack time, we hitched up to the parents/grandparents' pontoon boat, lifted Ryker aboard for the second time and enjoyed a bite to eat. After not waiting a good 30 minutes, Joe and I decided it was time for a bit of action.

Joe jumped in first, and Ryker was like "WHAT?? What is going on here??" He sniffed the side of the boat. He sniffed the water. He looked at Joe. And then....he jumped! We were so proud of our little pupster, till he began to FREAK OUT!!! Clawing towards Joe, our little bunny was not so impressed with this swimming in the lake thing. So after I jumped in and we made sure both Joe and Ryker weren't going to die, we pried the poor puppies' paws from in between the boat and the pontoon and lifted him back in -- where he shook off on everyone around.

Not convinced that our puppy is in fact not going to be the 1st doggie to win an Olympic gold metal, we figure, let's try again!!!

So Joe and I jump off the boat again and call to our poor, confused pupster. (Think -- "Why did they leave me again? What is wrong with these people?") As he is NOT coming, our bro-in-law (bil) decides to aid Ryker by flinging him into the water.

Pupster again freaks out, swims around and under the boat till he comes out the back end where he latches himself with a deathgrip between the motor (which is off) and the ladder. We hoist pupster back onto the boat.

No more swimming for pupster.

By the end of the day, Ryker is feeling confident in his boating abilities, moving around and peering from all sides letting the wind rush through his hair, the smell fill his nostrils and pretty much enjoying himself.

When we arrive back at the docks, Ryker needs no assistance. He is off the boat and up the ramp with me flailing on the other end of the leash. We make it up halfway, right to the rental place with about 20 people around and he is happy to be back on dry land. So happy he lets us know by peeing a gallon and a half right on the dock.

It's hard to be a pupster!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm going to be an aunt!

That's right.
I'm going to be an official adoptive aunt!
My bestest girl friend in the whole world (aka Lydia) is set to have a baby this coming fall!

I am so excited. Our friendship is great in so many ways because of a few things.
- We are quite random at times, with spur of the moment plans.
- We are artsy in our own ways...sadly I don't have quite the hands to get it into the world as Lydia does.
- We both have amazing husbands.
- We both like to try new things...kind of! =)

This last one comes in handy a lot when there are two of us.
- We like to experiment in the cooking department when we have time. A many fine salsa has been created with our collaborative efforts!
- She got married first, so she helped me out with things there.
- I have better directional abilities, so I try different ways and have the ability to get us out!
- Joe and I bought a house first, so we'll be so excited to help the Norvells with any questions and fix-its when it comes time
- Lyd and Jon are having a baby first. THANK GOD! So I can try out my aunty/parenting skills and joyously be able to give the lovely child back when I can take no more.

In all seriousness, I could not be happier for my two friends. What wonderful parents they will make. What wonderful memories we will make together. And what wonderful adventures await us as we all enter this crazy realm of 'parenthood'!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Cole

In honor of the honeymooners' return to the states (they went to New Zealand, can you believe that!), I thought I would post a few post a few pictures from my sister-in-law, Sarah's recent wedding. Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Cole...

April 19, 2008
Rejoice Lutheran Church
Coppell, Texas