Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Joe's a Blue Thunder Baller!

I'd like to congratulate the newest member of the new Continental Baseball League's Tarrant County Blue Thunder -- my husband JOE!

That's right, he's just signed his life away to be a star pitcher for the new league. From May til August we'll be baseball playin', watchin' crazy people. Check out the schedule below and we'd love to have you guys come out and cheer on the Blue Thunder against the arch enemies, The Lewisville Lizard, The Texas Heat and the Bay Area Torros (Houston).


I'll also need to start getting my new t-shirt ideas and cheers lined up.
Ideas so far:
1. The blue care bear - Ok, they're Thunder. What's that really? So I thought how about the little Care Bear with the cloud on his tummy? And then everyone in the stands could do the Care Bear Stare when the opposing team's batter is up? (Joe is not thrilled about this one...)

2. The Cloud Heads - make big puffy cloud hats and have sheets of metal we can ripple for thunder?
3. The team shirt - boring!
4. The Original - A few summers ago, my pal Lydia and I made Fan shirts for Joe's many games during college and summers. Lyd, is it time to make the bested "Joe's Biggest Fan" shirts ever?

I'm excited! We're excited! Let's play ball!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My view

Everyday I go to work and look outside my window. We are on the twelfth floor and I have a view straight to downtown.

Here are some of the things I get to see.

1. Lots and lots of accidents. These occour at the stop light of Midway and Spring Valley or in front of the Geico building (also in my line of sight). All mostly minor.

I also see accidents RIGHT IN FRONT of our building. You have to turn across 4 lanes of traffic to enter our garage and some people can not JUST WAIT. So they venture across while some traffic is stopped and some is not and, inevitably, they get crunched. So we have frequent visits by tow trucks, policemen and oh-so-unhappy motorists.

2. Fire trucks. The fire station for Farmers Branch is three blocks down from us. So I see them quite frequently. The also frequent the Geico building A LOT! I don't know what they do there, but perhaps their blood pressure is as low/high as their rates??

3. Construction crews. They have been working on widening Midway for about 6 months now. I am not sure if they are widening for the sake of widening OR just angering the daily commutors. Either way, provides for entertainment. BUT they cut down so many nice trees! Made me so mad!!

4. School children. We are right in front of a private school, Green Hill. So I get to see lots of parents very nice SUVs, and kids playing lacrosse and soccer. Always fun!

5. A hawk. Yes, a red-tailed hawk. I think he lives on top of our building. Just about every day I get to see him swoop down and ride the air currents. Looks so wonderfully fun and peaceful. Maybe he's related to the holiday hawk?

6. The Weather. Everytime it rolls in, it's always fun. Rain, sleet, snow (my fave), I have a front row seat.

So that's a little bit of what I see at work everyday. Don't you all want to come and see too?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bear Ball Date!

Hello Gang,

With a poll of potential players, the date for Bear Ball 2007 has tentatively been scheduled for Saturday, May 12.

Site to be determined!

8 Players so far!!!

Please use this post as an RSVP. When signing up, also let us know if you would like a t-shirt and what size. (designs coming soon!)


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bear Ball dates

What works for everyone?
Stand up and vote for your choice of dates for the First Annual Bear Ball Tournament and Picnic!

April Sat. 21 or Sun. 22
April 28 or 29
May 12 or 13
May 20

Sorry folks, May 19th has been removed from the list. It is sister and sister-in-law's birthday weekend AND I have been informed I have to work a bike ride at Texas Motor Speedway for work.

If you have the morning available, you should come out to the bike ride. It's $18 bucks a person, you get to ride on the TMS track (where the race cars go) and all proceeds go to local charities! =)

Let me know if you have any fun park location ideas. I know there is one in Coppell.

I'm excited, are you excited?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bear Ball?

With my last post, it got me thinking. Maybe we need to organize a BearBall game, all us local old bears and our new adopted bear friends. Now as one who has NEVER played a baseball game with actual people, this would be a real event for me.

A picnic, a ball game/or rolly bat game, and friends!

Wow, I'm excited? Anyone else??? Let me know if you would be up for it!


So some of you may have heard of my belated April Fools Joke I played on my very understanding friends the Norvells. I may have stated in a frantic phone call that Joe had been called up to play with a minor league baseball team. Now most would be, yeah right, like that would ever happen. But most people don't have a husband who has a "sick slider" or a 90mph fast ball.

We have been working, praying and playing for a chance just like what I fibbed about, and we're still pursuing that dream. Last week Joe had the opportunity to try out for the new Intercontinental baseball league starting up right here in the Metroplex. With a great showing, he was offered a spot, BUT then we learned that it would be an all-week commitment for about 3- 4 months, with a 2-week training period. While that is contrary to what the league chairman first told Joe, we are still hoping for a compromise that will allow Joe to possibly be a floater for the teams.

So keep us in your prayers, get your gloves ready and maybe, just maybe, we can watch my sexy hubby play some ball!