Friday, January 11, 2008

It wasn't me!!!

Yesterday, I was able to help my sister-in-law Sarah as she underwent a day of beauty and photos for her bridal portrait for her upcoming wedding in April. And the one major thought I had was, this is fun and best of all it is NOT ME!

I loved getting married and doing all the fun things that went with it, but there were so many things I could have done with out. Here's a little run-down of the things I got to help with but was not totally affected by!

1. Makeup - fake eye lashes -- good or bad?
2. Haircut - why did they shampoo and blowout right before I got an updo?
3. Updo - I like it in the back, by why does it remind me of Marie Antoinette?
4. Updo part 2 - I don't like it!!! -- bride to be proceeds to take it down and remake it while Holly and I run to the store to find appropriate hair clips
5. Flowers - who asked for pale yellow. Ick. Holly and I proceed to rip out the yellow flowers and brown berries to replace with pretty red
6. Running late - never fun
7. Permit?? - so now they make you have a permit to shoot? to permit office
8. Freezing cold weather in a sleeveless dress - guess it beats my shoot in the 90 degree heat.

Here's to Sarah and Adrian and the fact that Joe and I are already married! =)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Money Pit

Most of you have probably seen the old Tom Hanks film, The Money Pit. After being a home owner for a little over a week, I realized how true to life this scenario is with a house.

"Fun" things with owning a house:
- New fence (destruction of old fence and carting off)
- New paint - picking the paint - fun, but frustrating
- De-wallpapering and texturing 2 rooms (for the love of God and sanity of your fellow man, NEVER, and I mean NEVER wallpaper a room!!!)
- New floor - destruction of old floor, picking new tile, mortar and grout
- New door knobs/locks - safety first ladies

Oh, Lowes and Home Depot how you have become our friends! (pictures to follow!)