Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Surprise for my Birthday

If you hadn't noticed by my blog post, FB posts, or my constant whining, I turned 30 this January. It's been a slightly hard mind transition checking the next age bracket box on things and just thinking how 30-year-olds always seemed so much more learned and far away from where ever I was in life. Seems as though I'm here now...humph. I'll be looking forward to gaining some company in March from my hubby and my pal, Lyd.

But this is about me!

My hubby knew what I needed.

A little bit of away time.

He planned it so that Grandma Holly and PopPop (as Owen now calls Jim) would watch O, and we'd go enjoy a weekend away. He surprised me after a family lunch and told me to get ready for a drive. After trying to get the directions to work, Joe be grudgingly asked me to help with directions, and really without meaning to I spied it and figured out one half!

We were off to Fossil Rim Wildlife Park in Glen Rose. I was sooo excited. I have wanted to go here for a long time. It is a animal park where you actually get to drive through and feed and see the animals from your car. Don't worry, they have the cheetahs caged...it's mostly different species of deer, antelope or rams. Well, unfortunately we left a little late to make it in for the last drive of the day. BUT, we headed up to the observatory and got to pet the goats. Gosh, I love me some goats. These however were huge! Not like the little ones I'm used to seeing.

So, after that little side trip, we were on to our second leg of the journey. A hotel and night out on the town in Granbury about 20 minutes away. We stayed in a lovely Hilton beside the lake and dined downtown at one of the local restaurants. It was a quaint little adventure. The town was a bit smaller than we thought, so there was not a lot of options. But we ate at a fabulous restaurant on the Sqaure in their back patio and had a great evening talking with one another.

On Sunday, we woke up and had breakfast at the local cafe and did a little antiquing. We then loaded up and went to find the animals.

We had a great time!!! If you go to Fossil Rim, you have to get a bag of feed -- it makes the adventure. After a while it kinda seemed like we were seeing the same animals, but part of the fun was deciding whether or not they were going to attack you or ram your car if you didn't give them food. No one died in the enjoyment of this adventure, but it was touch and go there a few times for the car! =)

Beware the ostriches. These birds do NOT mess around. This guy stuck his head into all the cars and came about an inch from Joe's eyeball. We didn't stop for the others.

Visiting the car behind us. Yikes, not the time to be in a convertible.
These guys I felt like could never be trusted, especially with a head of horns like that. Also, please note their too-short bell bottom hairy legs. Cracked me up!

Gentle giant. We liked this guy.

My little buddy. He was so light and pretty.

Till he made this face! =)

Beautiful giraffes - they weren't in the hand-feeding mood.

We returned home to be greeted by a happy baby boy, some tired grandparents and a plate loaded with cupcakes.
I'd have to say this was a great birthday weekend. I'll overlook the 30 part for such a great time with my husband and fun celebrating with my family.