Friday, June 15, 2012

Today is a Great Day to be TWO!

Have you heard the news? There's a two-year-old (well in a few hours...) sleeping in the next room.

A TWO YEAR OLD! A child going on his third year of life now. In MY house!

Some days I feel like Peter Pan who plays games with his shadow. I have my own shadow who follows me around, sunny days or not, repeats what I say, usually is in a 5 foot radius from me. And has stolen my heart.

I love my shadow fiercely.
I think it is also those things which we love fiercely, that bring us the most anxiety, pain, sadness, and joy. All of these things can be said about my shadow. My son. My O'Bear.

He runs with abandon. He jabbers in sentences and stream of conscious (my favorite). He sings real words to real songs. He eats everything (when he wants to). He pulls me to come see something (really hard!). He steals my phone (and navigates) to play Angee Birds and Alien Buddys (thanks, Lyd!). He loves to swim. He loves his dad. He loves his family. He loves his dog (Ryker is thrilled).

He is everything I never knew I wanted and more. An amazement of life and God's love every day.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Owen!