Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pure Evil

Pure Evil = Laundry, Laundry = Pure Evil

I have a love/hate relationship with laundry. Mostly just the hate part. I mean, I like having clean clothes, but can't I really just go by more?

It is NEVER done. It did not feel this bad when I was younger. Was it because I was single? Was it because my mommy used to do it for me. Definitely, the last is true, but that hasn't been the case for quite some time.

I have piles of it. Clean piles. Dirty piles. Piles to be ironed. Piles to be folded. Ugh. It gets me down man! It makes my knees hurt from standing and ironing. It makes me tired. Double ugh.

Anywhoo...just had to vent, because I'm taking a break, from, yep, you guessed it, LAUNDRY.


On another note. It is Thursday. Thursday evenings are happy times. Every other Thursday we have small group with several couples from church. I am so happy we made the commitment for this as I am enjoying learning more and more about our new friends.

Also, Joe is starting work softball. He was supposed to start tonight, but church group got moved. So we'll start next week...we're the on/off reliever. I am happy to be headed back to the ball fields for what I hope to be much shorter, less nerve-wracking games! One thing I know, Joe will not be pitching... =)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Photo Tag

I did it. I am not liking Lydia at this moment, but I did it.
Name of the game:
1. Take a picture of yourself as you read this post.
- no primping, no preening
2. Post and enjoy

I tag:

(Note: Ryker curls up into the cutest ball of fur you've ever seen. Joe and I call it the 'bunny ball,' since we call him bunny from time to time. You can't help but want to cuddle up and hug him too!)
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Adventures of No, No, Bad Dog.

Hello dear readers. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is No, No, Bad Dog. Some of you may have seen me in person or on this site under the guise of my alter ego, Ryker.

You ask, "Why the two identities, Ryker, I mean, No, No, Bad Dog?" I shall try to explain, dear reader.

As you all know there are some things in life you yearn to do, feel compelled to do, seem to do, but you don't want to. When these deeds are done, you might say, "oh, if only I had a secret identity, then no one would know it was me!" For me, I have such a luxury. In these necessary, but sometimes unwanted times, I am No, No, Bad Dog. I am free to cower, smile, shake or whatever the moment deems appropriate -- and no one is wiser that it is I, Ryker Stryker O'Brien, Cutest Puppy in the World.

You may have heard of some of my earlier adventures. I am a young pup, and I can assure, there will be more. But for this post, I shall tell you of my latest adventure.

My folks decided that they wanted to run a few errands before a very important first birthday party for my friend, Jonathan. My folks left me. In the yard. By myself! NOT COOL!

This is almost always a catalyst to bring out No, No, Bad Dog. And today was no different.

After weeks of planning and carrying out daring escapes in instances just like this, I have come to aquire a very well fortified back yard. My man folk, Joe, likes wood just as much as I do. But for some reason he doesn't scratch or eat his? He used it to build a big fence (which I ate least 3 times so far). I also dug underneath it (at least 5 times). So he decided to strengthen it with concrete and a wood peremeter and a new rock path.

Neat. Don't they know this cannot stop No, No, Bad Dog?

As I said. They left me! Not cool! However!!! I found a weak point in Joe's plans...a tiny area between the fence, garage and driveway. It had newly tilled soil, just perfect for digging. So I went to town!!!!
I was almost free. But my stupid big head could not QUITE make it through the hole yet before my folks got home.

They saw the hole. They opened the fence. They did not see their precious, lovable Ryker - no - they met their arch nemesis, No, No, Bad Dog. Covered in mud!!!! (Did I mention it had rained, and the dirt was quite muddy?)
My lady folk, Leanna was spitting mad. They had to leave in a little less than an hour. And here I set. Muddy, crusty and a giant hole in the back yard.
Somehow, Joe wandered off and it was Leanna's job to deal with me. She tried to hose me off outside, but I would have none of it. She then decided she needed to get me to the tub, but how. And as soon as she opened the door to the house, I ran in and -- SHOOK! Yep, I shook in all my muddy glory!

That was it! She had it! She picked me up and ran! Right to the water torture room. Ugh! It took three bath fulls of water to get most of the mud off. She need something else to help get the rest off, but when she turned her back. Yep, I jumped out and shook again! In all my muddy, watery glory.

Joe then sought out poor Leanna all alone with me, came to the rescue and finished me off in the water torture device while she cleaned up my mess all over the house.

Ahhh, it didn't end quite as I hoped. They still left me. With my dopey side-kick (not by choice) Ursa. But I do believe this was a wonderful day for No, No, Bad Dog!

Stay tuned for my next adventure...

Monday, April 20, 2009

To be a Texan...

It's good to be a Texan!

You know why? You get to take fun pictures in fields of bluebonnets with your Texan hubby and Texan puppy!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Weekend!

This was a happy happy weekend for several of our family!

Happy 1-Year Anniversary Sarah and Adrian!
To celebrate, the happy couple completed a wasn't very mini in my opinion!

Happy 1st Year Jonathan!
His mommy, Julie, celebrated with a wonderful party with friends and family and monkey food and decoration for her favorite monkey, her son!

Congrats, congrats! We love you guys!

Friday, April 17, 2009

That was NOT a moth!!!

Last night around 9 or so, I decided to take Ryker for quick evening walk down the block. As I opened the door ---woooossshhh!

It buzzed my head! I screamed!

I thought it was the giant 5" moth I saw the night before.

It was not!

It was a bird!

ACK! There's a BIRD in our HOUSE! At NIGHT! What in the world!

So, of course, you don't just take these things amazingly calm when a bird is flitting all over your house. We left the door open and decided to let it try to find it's way and fly out.

I thought perhaps Ryker would find it (as we had lost it at this point), and start barking at it to frighten it away.

He did find it! He LIVES for this. He is a sight hound. He is a hunter.

The bird flew through the dining room, kitchen and then to the living room -- where it swooped and dove and clutched to the ceiling. All the while, Ryker is flipping out and rushing after it! Joe has a trash bag at this point, trying to catch the bird to release outside. I think, "this is a great moment for a picture."

Just as I grab ny camera, I see the bird swoop down. Joe begins to shout, "No, Ryker, No!!" The bird gives a few last horribly pathetic squeaks. And Ryker finishes the job we didn't quite know we gave him.

Something about it's head not being with it's body, made be quickly stow the camera and back way up as Joe did the corageous man thing and cleaned up the aftermath.

We felt horrible. We feel horrible! But Ryker was so stinkin' proud of himself...what were we to do. I told him good doggie, took him on his walk and Joe and I each said a little prayer for the bird and his family.

Ugh! Was not expecting that last night. Just goes to show life is NEVER as boring as it may seem. (complete with bird poop on my couch pillow!)

And beware of birds...and/or 5" moths!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Bloomin' Crazy, I tell ya'.

It's true.

We're actually growing things around here! Joe has turned in to such the gardener.

And here's our latest development! ROSES! Beautiful red roses.If you will remember, we planted three rose bushes a while back. This is the only one blooming so far. The 2nd is doing well, and the third...well, we're not holding out much hope! We've also added a hydrangea to the mix as our Easter gift from Joe's parents. I can't wait to see it bloom. I LOVE hydrangeas!

Anyway...I leave you with a few more blooms...

We'v had a few more flowers show their pretty faces in the last few days than these three! So fun!Our ever-present supervisor, Ryker, checking on our soil conditions.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.

What a wonderful, wonderful day. Hope you all had a special holiday with family and friends to remember the sacrifice made three days before, and the promise realized on this day!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How to Make Blueberries

This Valentine's Day, I became the proud owner of a blueberry bush thanks to my hubby. We put in a few flower beds and needed something to fill them a blueberry bush and some rose bushes where what the doctor ordered this time around.

Now, you may be asking, "how do you make a blueberry?" Follow these easy instructions, and you too may be the proud owner of a home-grown blueberry.

Step One: Buy Blueberry Bush (check)

Step Two: Have hubby plant Blueberry Bush before it dies a slow death in the garage (check)

Step Three: Water Blueberry Bush - they really appreciate it! (check, most days at least)

Step Four: Let God take over because you have been known to kill green things way too easily (check)

Step Five: Marvel and take pictures!
As you can see from the photos, this is what I have gathered on how a blueberry actually grows. With water and sunlight, they produce the most wonderful white, delicate, bell-like flowers. The flowers then drop off, and you're left with the flower base where the white part attached to and the middle stamen.

THEN...something marvelous happens and they start growing round and out, but still retain the leafy petal-ness of the flower base. So, if you ever look at a blueberry, you will note this on his bottom.


And that is how you make a blueberry!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Rufus (aka my civic) now has both his side mirrors again!

We are happy. And we are even happier Joe found the part the next day and it did NOT cost a fortune! Thank you Honda for generic parts!