Thursday, February 19, 2009

I like your style.

So, found this today on the ever-so-fun blog, How About Orange. What is your decorating style?

After taking the test, here, I found my decorating style to be:
56% Arts and Crafts
33% Rustic Revival
11% French Eclectic

Arts & Crafts

You tend to prefer simple to ornate and natural materials over man-made. Warm tones found in wood and brass make you feel comfortable, and good craftsmanship excites you like nothing else. (ha...I guess that's why I have Joe -- good craftsmanship!)

You enjoy patterns that highlight our natural surroundings such as plants and trees. You prefer rectilinear forms and straight lines, however you love to find intricate details (ooooh, stained glass!) where you least expect it.

Sounds good to me! Now, if I could only make it appear in life as I can see it my head.

Take the quiz, find out a bit more about your style and post here if you'd like


KarenD said...

Hey, what's the link?

Leanna said...

Woopsie! Fixed.

David and Tiffany said...

I like the picture of the room in this post. Is that you guys' house?

We miss you guys!

David and Tiffany

KarenD said...

It appears mine is pretty different from yours. I'm 44% cottage chic, 33% zen style, and 23% vintage modern. (Uh, love that oxymoron, "vintage modern.") I'd be pretty interested to see what Lydia and Carolyn are as I think of ways I am similar and different from them.

My cottage chic blurb says: Who says that cottages can't be modern and chic? Who says that they have to be floral and cheesy? Not you!

You love the carefree spirit that the cottage interior inspires, but you are also serious about your appreciation for modern art and hip treasures. You love old and new alike, and love to highlight them all to expose the uniqueness of each. What better way to show off these treasures than with a light background?

Carolyn said...

ok, I'm 39% French Eclectic, 33% Classic, and 28% Wine Country Style. Since all these boil down to European influences, I'd say it's safe to say I like classic European design.

Leanna said...

That's so neat to find out what other people's styles are...

@Tiff: Sadly, no not our house. But maybe one day.

Lydia said...

I'm 64% Wine Country Style, 18% traditional country, and 18% rustic revival. It says "the style manages to be refined and casual, such that you can mix beautiful antiques with more rustic wrought iron or wood and the result is both sophisticated and cozy."