Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Long, long ago, in a bathroom filled with carpet, mirrors, and wallpaper, the people were not happy.They were not happy with it one bit.

So, they did what any other new homeowner would do, vow to change it "one day," and live with it for quite a while.

This dear reader, as you might have guessed, was our bathroom and our lives. BUT, last December we bit the bullet. We were going to change it!! So, Joe set to work, we picked out materials and we gutted that bad boy.
We took down the wallpaper after we moved in and and I textured the walls...so we didn't live with that "badness" for long at all thankfully!!!
Blah, sad, depressing white shower

We left everything pretty much the same layout wise, but updated the shower/tub, added beautiful tiles, and took out the stupid make-up counter that was warped. And like any good homeowner, we're still working on little things here and there...but, for the most part, here's our spruced-up master bath!
 Pie safe where make-up counter was.
 Fun, wood tiles and natural stone tiles for backsplash and shower.
Love my new, deep tub!!

Thank you Joe for all your hard work. I love it so much more. Happy!

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Emily said...

Looks great!! We have a lot of those to-do home projects, too.