Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A great weekend!

So, I would have to say that this was one of those just plain fun weekends. We started the weekend off by dropping the honeymooners at the airport for their two-week excursion to New Zealand. (Ok, that wasn't too fun and we're insanely jealous.) But we finished the evening off with a fun dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, for which we had a gift card!

Saturday was a real fun day. We got up early, drove to a near-by park and took Ryker for a walk to the Coppell Farmers Market. We got to walk around and look at the fresh produce, meats, honey and other foods. We even ran into Joe's granddad on his way to buy some shrimp and Ryker made several friends. The morning was topped off by a great visit to the park where Joe asked me to marry him - complete with a reenactment! -- I said Yes!

THEN! We packed up and went on a trip to Fort Worth in our newly purchased summer plaid shorts! Joe and I met up with two of our great friends, Jon and Lydia at the Japanese Gardens and finished the evening off with a trip to the iconic Joe T. Garcia's.

Friends, Food and Fun. What more could a person ask for? Here's a few pics from the weekend for your enjoyment!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Answers...

So begins my long post to your most pressing questions. Thanks for participating!

1) Why are you so calm when something is clearly about to swallow you whole??
Well, you know, that's one of my more favorite traits about me, calm under pressure. Guess it goes with 'trust in the Lord always!'

2) Do you think we'll ever have flying cars? Or what do you think the future of cars is?
Can I just say that I am a little bit bitter concerning this question. I distinctly remember being told during kindergarten and first grade, that this is what we were to expect by our graduation in 2000. But, seriously, yes I do. We know the technology is there with planes, shuttles and hover crafts, we just need someone to combine them into an economical and environmentally friendly package. It would save us money on building and maintaining our roads and be really fun! I really think the Jetsons were onto something with their zippy cars that folded up nicely into a briefcase. Space saving and family-friendly!

3) What is a favorite day for you?
A favorite day is sleeping in until I want to get up. A fun breakfast, stuffed french toast at IHOP is always great, or maybe a Starbucks. Then a random activity with Joe or meeting up with friends and the most important thing...NOT watching the clock.

4) What is your biggest disappointment in your past?
Letting something small have such a large impact between me and Joe while we were dating.

5) What is your greatest hope for your future?
That I will finally find the thing that makes me happy professionally and that we have a few wonderful children.

6) What's your favorite thing about Joe?

The look in his eyes when he sees me and I know he loves me for me no matter what in that one look! I also love his determination whether it's working something out between the two of us, working on a project or at his job.

7) What's your favorite praise & worship song?
Right now, I'd have to say Beautiful, Scandelous Night. I love the way our church does it best, but here's another fun one!

8) Where do you see yourself in five years? … ten years?

Truthfully, I never like this question. I just don't get it. I am a very much take what comes when it comes kind of person. If I say, I see myself still in Coppell with a baby, that might be great, but what if I change my mind. What if something totally crazy comes along. Am I a fickle person for not sticking with the “plan?” So I guess my best answer is wherever God wants me to be – and hopefully that means happy and with my family and friends.

9) If you could travel anywhere (money is no object) where would you go?
Oh, I would take an adventure. Go to Ireland and stay on the coast in some small village and frequent the pub and talk to the old men. I would take a cruise of the Mediterranean stopping in Italy, Greece and wherever else strikes my fancy. I would travel to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand to see who really does have the best surf. And then I might wrap it all up with a quick African safari and rain forest expedition to see if I like the wide open or the lush tropics better. Sounds like I need one big honkin’ suitcase.

10) Who do you think you will vote for in the next election?
Ugh, what a depressing question. D.) None of the above. Right now, I guess it would have to be McCain. As the other two can’t seem to stop throwing tantrums in the sandbox to really do some good.

11) Will we ever get a chance to sing a Dixie Chicks song together?
The magic eight ball says “it is decidedly so!”

12) If you could make three wishes (small or big) what would they be? Would you have made these same wishes ten years ago? Explain.
Three wishes, hmmm:
1. That wouldn’t have to work at jobs unless we really wanted to because we had an endless supply of money.
2. That it would really be feasible to make a retreat/city made up of our wonderful friends. It’s so tough living far from your most favorite people.
3. Someone else would ALWAYS do, fold and put up the laundry. – So as you can clearly see, these are not wishes I would have had earlier in life.

13)What make you the most happy?
What makes me the most happy is relaxing and spending time with family and friends. Nothing rushed, nothing that planned. Oh, and throw in a good, long book, a Coke and some Mexican food and I am SET! Quality time, good food and a cool breeze. I really don’t know what’s better in life.

14) Is your present job your dream job, or have you had your dream job, or what would that be?
My present job is subbing at the local schools, so CLEARLY this is not my dream job. I have NOT had my dream job. And currently I couldn’t tell you what that dream job would be. I think what I would love to do is have some neighborhood shop in a little town where I can cater to tourists and my local buddies, but have the freedom and luxury to close up shop and enjoy the last question any time I please.

15) What has been the most difficult adjustment you have faced in being married (vs. single)?
I think the having to ask before you commit to something. I love being able to do stuff with people, even if it is last minute and a bit farther than I’d really like to go. With being married, I have two things that hinder this. The first is wanting to do as much in life with Joe as possible, but not every situation involves Joe or Joe might not even want to do it. So it’s deciding if it’s worth it to go myself, or just say, “No, catch you later.” The second is that sometimes my partner in crime CAN’T go or doesn’t want to go and sometimes that has to be the deciding factor. So, a few less girl nights or random travels, but all worth it in the end.

16) What is your biggest hang up and how are you working overcoming it?
My biggest hang-up might be procrastination or indecision. And amazingly both go hand in hand. I can’t really tell you how I am fixing them, as I am putting off the problem! =)
No….part of it is relying on my husband to give me a swift kick in the pants, and the other is to make just a rough plan of what I want to get done or need to do. Usually just in my head, as I’m really not a list person, and it seems to help.

17) What advice do you have as far as looking for a job you enjoy?
God only knows on this one. I’m still waiting to find out. =(

18) No questions from me. I just wanted to say that I really like this picture. Where was it taken?
Ahem…this is a question. It was taken at Deception Pass on Whidbey Island, WA. Absolutely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Thanks Merritt for making sure we knew where to go!

19) Whose body is crushed under the foot of an Imperial walker in Empire Strikes Back?
Jamie, I have no idea. But I do know the correct term is an All Terrain Armored Transport, or AT-AT walker.

Well, I hope everybody learned something, and please, if you have found my perfect job, would you make sure I find it too!

Monday, April 14, 2008

If you were wondering...

Copying an idea from my dear friend Emily, and also from a lack of blog ideas, I've decided to open up the floor to you guys.

We all learn by asking questions, and what better way to learn about yourself to ask or answer some questions! So, here goes my first Q &A. Feel free to ask anything. Life, love, the cost of coffee in Spain... I'll give you an answer for sure. It may be a smart ass answer, but you know me, sometimes I just can't help myself.
If there's anything you'd like to know, just leave a comment and then I'll post them all in an 'Answers' blog!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!

Last week our friend Emily celebrated her very last 20s birthday. And what a trooper she was too! After a wonderful dinner out with her wonderful husband, which included a special dessert, we joined the duo for a rockin' night out at the Rockin' Ivories in Lewisville.

What was intended to be a fun night at a dueling piano bar turned into a silly night at the karaoke joint! There are some interesting people in this world, and I think we stumbled onto a few of them this night. The highlight for me though was that both of our wonderful hubbies serenaded us with their "love songs" of our courtship.

Joe got up first and sang "Meet Virginia" (which may sometimes be sung as "Meet Leanna").
Then Allan followed with "Lady" for his birthday lady!We were talked into singing a Dixie Chicks song, but before we could, they turned it into a dance club for a while, and it was just too darn late for us old farts. So...next time boys...we prooommisse!

Wishing you a wonderful year Emily and thanks for all the fun!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

So this is it?

"So this is it?" -- I have a feeling our new pupster has said this to himself off an on for the past week. I think he's unimpressed by us! =( How sad!

So everyone's seen the commercial with Echo the beautiful shelter dog that continually gets passed up...then...just recently, they've shown the follow-up. She's gotten a home! She's overjoyed! She's running, jumping, licking...

And here's how Ryker's commercial would go -- happy with his puppy friends at the shelter, running, walking frolicking. Then these nice people come and take him away from all his puppy friends. Sleeping, not playing fetch, whining, and looking at those people with those big puppy eyes as they make him get in his little kennel at night. Arf. =(

Well, it may not be that bad, but I just don't feel like Ryker is enjoying his life as much as I would hope he would. Now, I'm a new dog person, but I was expecting endless games of fetch, romping around in the backyard and that just hasn't happened. Maybe he's just not that dog. But I want him to be happy.

Any suggestions from you doggie veterans out there? Does your dog want to play with my dog? He's really good with other dogs! =)