Friday, August 23, 2013

A Busy Summer...kinda.

This August marked two great things!

First, the END of Joe's 2+ year commitment to getting his MBA. For the past 2+ years, Joe has been going to night classes every Monday and Thursday from 6-10 pm, plus travel time from his work by the Rangers to way up north to Frisco. This meant his wife, son, and dog didn't get to see him much. Coupled with studying and group projects...we didn't get to see him a lot. Though, as awesome as Joe is, he doggedly woke up early and stayed up late to study and do projects so we COULD have as much family time as possible.

We also took our first out of town Pate/Colvin/O'Brien vacation too! We have, of course, all stayed at mom and dad's, but had yet to go on an adventure together. So, with the accomplishment of the boys graduating (Jamie too), we decided to pack up the families and meet in Eureka Springs, AR.
A lovely cabin, beautiful views, cooler weather (even just a little), and fun family time were just what the doctor ordered. (We also just made it under the wire for my "no traveling while pregnant doctor orders.") Of course traveling with a toddler and a 4-month old was a trick in itself. Everyone had different nap times and eating times. So not much site-seeing was done, but we still had an enjoyable time. I can't wait to do it again. O is already asking to go to the beach again, since we didn't make it this year. Poor spoiled kid has gone every summer since he's been alive amazingly...though we were by a river...see...water!!!
Now, we are back home. House projects are piling up in anticipation for new baby. We are building built-ins and a murphy bed in our back room, where O will be moving. Then we'll need to clean and re-purpose O's old room back into a baby room. Then...then...then.... It seems there is always something else, and people, we are getting down to the wire!!! 

32 DAYS PEOPLE! September 24 is coming fast!!!

In this last bit of August, our sweet puppy has turned 6. I still don't know how we've had him that long. As much as he drives us crazy, I love him more and more.
AND, both of O's awesome uncles celebrate their respective birthdays. Whew!! What a hot, crazy month!


Emily said...

Congrats to Joe! I know how tough that is on him (and you guys!). Jason has been working on his CPA, and it is tough on all parties. Owen is looking so much older! You guys are so busy- and it probably won't let up anytime soon. ;)

Lydia said...

Okay, the biggest news on this page is 32 DAYS!! Sweet Baby will be here! I can't wait!

Oh, and I really am so proud of Joe. And proud of you, too, for making it through these years!