Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pinatas = Fun

Before O's 3rd birthday, we got to go to our friend Jacob's 4th birthday. Jake and his family always throw a fun party. This year they had a pinata, which seemed to leave a great impression on Owen.
You see, O is a boy...who is turning three. If you've been around one of these creatures before, you might remember that sword fighting and hitting things is a BIG deal and LOTS of fun!
I asked Owen if he'd like to have a pinata at his party and he said yes. We even found a coupon for one at Target and he picked out the big blue sneaker! 

O did a great job taking charge and running into battle to clobber the shoe to death. But, he did just as great of a job sharing with his buds and cheering everyone on. It was awesome and hilarious. 
Seeing my son in a crouched down, hands-on-knees stance cheering on his friends gave me a glimpse of sports to come and maybe one day being a coach.
Our 5yo friend, Austin, had the honors of giving the shoe the death blow! And all the boys shared the candy well too!
Mr. Pinata, you gave us great joy! I think we'll invite you back!

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