Thursday, March 22, 2012

Did I mention...

Did I mention we bought a new car? Oh, well, we bought a new car.

We were at a sad little crossroads in our car life. Joe's truck was old. My trusty black Civic from college, Rufus, was getting there. So, we made the decision and sold off Joe's beloved truck.

We are lucky enough that we get to borrow Joe's grandma's SUV, so we had that and Rufus. We have come to dislike Rufus. Not that he was a bad car, but it was awful getting Owen in and out. Joe would hit his head, I would hit Owen's head, I'd wrench my wasn't good.

After taking Rufus to get an oil change and other things, we were told he needed about $1300 worth of work for a busted rod and pinion. What? Well, when work needed amounts to as much as the car, it's time to go in my book. I loved you Rufus, but our journey together ends here.

So, we sent to looking and looking and looking. I decided I wanted a third row vehicle if we were going to keep adding to our family and carting our kid's friends around. We went to car max one dark, cold night and test drove at least 9 different models of third row. Joe and I decided we liked the GMC Acadia or Chevy Traverse in what we wanted to spend.

A few days later, we lucked into finding a pretty good deal on a purple Acadia. We drove across town to check it out, only to discover we were not the VIPs that requested a test drive and were in the midst of buying it. So, being me and not having driven the Acadia myself yet, asked if we could still take it out on a spin. While driving through Richardson, we got the call that it was sold. And, back to the dealership we went.

Boo. Guess we'll keep looking...

But wait...on the ride home we got a call from the sales guy we talked to. The other couple balked. It was ours for the taking if we wanted it. Well, as we were 5 minutes away from home at this point and had a baby boy needing to go to bed, we said we'd be back tomorrow.

And we were...and now that purple Acadia is mine - in all it's parent/adult car glory!


Lydia said...

It's so pretty! Excellent choice!

KarenD said...

It's purple? Cool. Must be dark, though, cuz I thought it was black. But that's better than like bright teenagery purple. Fun fun!

Les @ LPN Salary said...

More pictures please!

Congratulations! You got lucky they backed out. I guess this one will be with you for years too like Rufus and that truck.

So what's its name?