Thursday, November 30, 2006


It's 10:45 and do you know what your Dallas weather is doing?? It's snowing. Too bad we have to be grown-ups and work instead of go outside and play. Anyways--take a peek outside and enjoy it while you can!

Monday, November 13, 2006

College Day Blues

Well lately it has hit me. No not the rush of the holiday season or the low coming off the honeymoon high. Surprisingly, it’s been the College Day Blues. I would like to use this term or the CDBs to represent the feeling of loss of friends, freedom, and work-related stressors, commitments and frustrations.

I have recently become to really miss my friends. I miss not being able to walk across the street or call up a friend and meet them in 15 minutes or less. I miss not having 4-10 people around a dinner table at any given evening in the week. I miss walking to class and say hi to people as you pass, or stopping in the SUB to check your email and running into everyone you’ve ever said hi to.

I miss walking! A funny thing to say, but I miss walking to class and getting to go outside. To really experience the seasons. (the seasons being: hot, cold, kinda cold, monsoon and hot) I miss the benefits of walking 2+ miles each way. I miss the rush of running to class or bumming rides because you overslept.

I miss learning. Now I still learn, but I don’t get the same satisfaction from it. Now when I learn something, it always seems hurried and for someone else’s benefit besides my own. I miss the feeling of reading a book and having an “a-ha” moment, or the feeling of euphoria when you finally solve the math problem.

I know, what you are about to say…that we all had hard times in college, and it wasn’t all fun and games and friends. That life still has adventures out there and we can still have those feelings, but they’re just different now. I understand this I really do, but right now my heart isn’t. Maybe it’s the day-in/day-out work routine and all that goes with it, maybe it’s because our friends are flung to the far corners, maybe because I’m being a dork. But the CDBs are here.

Joe and I have promised each other that we’re going to go out more, we’re going to work out more, we’re going to read more, and we are. So, if you’re a friend…give us a call so we can add “we’re going to get together with friends more” to the top of the list! Help us cure the CDBs!

(For only $5.95, we at Leanna’s Little Spot can send you a green and gold CDB hope ribbon! Sic’em before they’re gone too!)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Phases of Life

After a little observation, I have broken down life into the most obvious categories I can think of. They go as follows: birthday parties, graduations, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties for YOUR kids and then funerals.

Currently, my friends and I are in the season of weddings. We have all triumphed over our school days with birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese or Mazzio's or the skating rink.

We have gone on to graduate from high school and college. So now, we must ALL logically get married. I have had 7 weddings in about a two month period. That's A LOT!

Next up, and one of my greatest fears is the dreaded baby shower. I have only gone to one of these so far in person. And let's face it, it's just weird. You are celebrating and lavishing gifts on a person that ISN'T even around! My friend Karen often talks about having a baby, and it's a little frightening. I think because it's almost too close to home. Because if she has one, then will my best friend Lydia decide her cute little kitty isn't enough? Then the pressure's on for ME! And I don't know if I can handle that. Please, I beg of you, give me more time.

Then life leads on to birthday parties for our children and all of their milestones, and finally our own funerals. Now it sounds a little morbid. It is sad when you are left without someone you care some much about. But I always try to think about all the wonderful things that they have accomplished in their time on earth. It's never, wow, he worked so many long hours or he drove that awesome car. It always seems to, he really loved me. Remember the time we went to the zoo? Remember how he would always give you a hug or a place to feel safe from the world. Now, those are accomplishments to strive for.

What will your life's legacy look like when you reach the end? What will you have left behind? What will God's words be to you? I'm hoping and praying for "Well done, my good and faithful servant." But I feel I have a long way to go... Here's to many happy life moments for everyone!