Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Room to Grow...

First off, Happy 2014!! I cannot wait to see what adventures and blessings are in store for this year!
Now...this last year, we had a little boy that was about to become a big brother. And, he needed room to grow. He needed his official big boy room! We decided to keep the baby room where it was, so O got bumped to the back guest/catch-all room. So we needed to do some work.

Joe and I decided we still wanted to have a place for guests, and with only three bedrooms, we really didn't have many options. Enter the Murphy Bed! Folds down when you need it, and up when you don't! Joe did an amazing job, and with a bed kit from Rockler, made the bed and accompanying shelving. Awesome!!!
We also put in a new door with glass only on half, because having a full panel glass door with small children scared the bejeebers out of me. And, as any good home project goes, we messed up the wall taking the old door out. But honestly, our stained wood wall looks amazing and kicks that old 'crow's foot' wall in the teeth.
I chose a classic comforter in hopes that O and his brother would have it for several years. O's bed is a bunk bed, and when the boys get a little older, I can't wait to bunk them. We had the dresser built with an extra thick top we stained to match the wall, and a great red color for a bit of pop and to go with the bedding.
We painted the walls a warm grey color to complement the walnut stained wall. We then chose a lighter grey for the bed and shelves as to lighten the back wall, but not be a giant white spot either. I love love love it. In addition to the grey, we painted the inside panel  of the Murphy Bed with chalkboard paint. As you can see, O's nana did a wonderful job using the chalkboard to bring the room a little holiday cheer. All the plane paintings were also done by Nana Holly. She is an amazing artist, and we are so blessed to have her art decorate our home.
This room was quite the process, with many me, by Joe, and by Owen. In the end, I love it. Owen shows it off to anyone who comes over. And we have room to grow, play and have fun!

Way to go team!


KarenD said...

I seriously thought the first photo was your Pottery Barn inspiration photo or something but later realized it was the actual room. Great job! It. Is. Awesome. And thanks for the explanation, too. I was trying to piece together the story from photos on FB, but now it all makes sense. Love it. :)

Teresa said...

This is beautiful! Great job!


Um...yeah...this looks RIDICULOUSLY awesome! Way to go!