Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nana Friday!

A lovely tradition we have been able to do with Joe's mom, Holly, or Nana as O prefers to call her is Nana Friday.

Fairly often Holly is able to break away from the riveting, fast-paced world of hydraulics and hydrology of O'Brien Engineering and slow down with Owen and I.

Ha. Slow down. Owen. Oh, I make myself laugh. Often we go to a restaurant for breakfast or lunch and then O gets to go back to Nana's for some secret grandma/grandson fun, while mom cleans the house or something just as electrifying.

This past Friday, we went with Nana to drop off her taxes. O got to push the elevator button of a high rise, and from then on he wanted to go to all the big buildings we saw.

We stopped and ate a great (or so we thought) pizza lunch and even snagged and ice cream treat and a book store visit before returning home for naps. Too bad on the way home, O barfed all that pizza goodness back up.

And Nana helped clean him up. Because she loves us. She cleaned the car seat too. Because she loves me.

Owen and I both greatly enjoy our Nana Fridays, and I am so glad he has such loving grandparents that invest in his life.

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