Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fourth Fun

The Fourth of July was so much fun this year.

So, this is parental supervision?
Last year...I was stuck inside with a brand new baby trying to keep my sanity.

This year, we were in a field eating out of the back of a truck and enjoying the plane show and fire works! All with a smiley, bubbly one-year-old!

The plane, boss! The plane!!

 So much fun!


KarenD said...

O is SO cute! And we have some pics of John throwing the boy(s) up pretty high. Great Dad thing. Makes the Grandmas gasp every time! :-)

Lydia said...

Yay! Caleb really enjoyed getting in on the action this year. James watched...and managed to dangle up-side-down out of his stroller for a minute before we all took our eyes from the sparklers and noticed the screaming baby. Awesome parents. :)

After that, James and I went back inside. We'll all be part of the fun next year!